Sessions, P.S.

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By Victor Davis Hanson
National Review

Donald Trump’s core support is found among those who want existing immigration laws enforced, an end to state-rights nullification of federal law, and no more legal adventurism that seeks to create new laws ex nihilo. Sessions, in these regards, has been excellent. Even the thought of letting him go is already fracturing Trump’s base; his dismissal would seriously wound the administration at precisely the time it needs cohesion on the health-care and tax-reform debates. Trump apparently has forgotten that one of the reasons he retains support, and why there are several indications that real positive change is in the works, are his excellent seasoned cabinet appointees such as Sessions.

The beneficiary of Sessions’s continued tenure is Trump himself.

Nothing is stopping both congressional-committee and cabinet investigations into collusion allegations involving John Podesta’s various investments or green anti-fracking front groups (once even noted by Hillary Clinton) or the surveilling/unmasking/leaking by Obama officials, or Clinton, Inc.’s sweetheart and leveraged deals with Russian interests.

Sessions is not the reason why those deterrent inquiries are not yet barreling ahead; but he may prove invaluable in the future when a number of crises and controversies come to a head, as the Republicans begin to learn that Democrats, in fact, have a lot more exposure to charges of being soft on and colluding with Russian interests than do Republicans. If Trump were to fire Sessions, it would be suicidal; if he thinks berating him encourages other independent and respected cabinet officers to get in line, he is sorely mistaken; if he moves on, lets Sessions do his needed work, and forgets this unfortunate diversion from critical issues, he will be wise.

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