Landmines and Legacies

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson talk with cohost Sami Winc about the Biden files and Hunter scams, reparations in San Francisco, two new liberal arts universities, and MLK’s legacy.

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8 thoughts on “Landmines and Legacies”

  1. Johnson showed himself a bigot in the one interaction I witnessed. One of my students called Johnson out for grossly mischaracterizing the New England Puritans in his history of the United States. He asked Johnson to help him understand if there were sources he (the student) had missed or misread, or if Johnson could otherwise defend his position. As soon as Johnson figured out he wasn’t talking to anyone important, he blew my student off with a loquacious “I can write what I want, I don’t like the Puritans, and I don’t have to justify myself to you”. Just one incident, but enough to make me scratch Johnson from any reading list when there are plenty of other authors available on any topic Johnson chose to write on who don’t warp the facts to fit their passions and then use rudeness and condescension to cover their butts.

    1. 1, Typical British, who even today hold on to class prejudice, and 2, Such a pity that a man of Johnson’s stature would treat students so poorly. So much better if he had said “You might be right. Let me think about it and get back to you.” Class, humility, and grace. But no . . .

  2. I loved your point that the gender line is a harder line to cross than the racial line (what with the one drop rule), and we’ve already accepted the former but not the latter.

    WRT a white self-identifying as a black to gain advantage, the white could easily justify it by saying: “That’s my reality, my lived truth, and you are required to respect it.” (Somewhere in hell, Saul Alinsky would smile.)

    To paraphrase what you noted: “If you can use insanity for advantage, so can I.”

  3. Kamala Harris’ recent ancestor was Hamilton Brown who owned over 1,000 slaves. How much reparation would she owe?

  4. Professor Hanson, don’t be so hard on yourself for not being a financial wizard, most are not and you certainly have skills to make a decent living. Then there is the fact that you are educating and informing thousands, if not millions of citizens with your insight (with the help of Sami and Jack).
    I find it is more important to follow the Harry Callahan advice than to know everything; “A man has to know his limitations”.


    I disagree with the rhetorical question Sami posed in reference to wealthy Leftists, “Who really needs all that?” Who is she or anyone to say what is enough for anyone else?

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