8 thoughts on “From Non-Binary Suitcase Thief to Safe Space Pathos”

  1. I depend on these VDH podcasts for my actual survival. Please please please NEVER shorten or truncate these precious timeless important programs. Thank you. R. SC.

  2. thebaron@enter.net

    Don’t shorten the podcasts. Anyone who thinks they’re too long is welcome to take his short attention span over to Twitter.

    We tune in to hear the Perfesser, and every minute is to be treasured. What I’m getting at is, we could have even more content. What I’m trying to say is, the more VDH, the better!

    Best regards,
    Brad in Bethlehem

  3. You mentioned today that Barack Obama said something like “Diversity does not include white people” Where can I reference the quote? I recently resigned from our Library Commission because the commission voted to use the American Library Association Bill of Rights as a governing principle. I have tried to convince our Board of Supervisors here in El Dorado County to have a workshop on this issue. Brad Dacus has agreed to participate.

    The website was for a political race that I won…

  4. Thank you for your wisdom, your elucidation of rational concepts of freedom and the solid base of the new Republican movement as founded upon the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! Our Rights are granted and founded ONLY by respecting the solid principles of our sacred Constitution. Amen!

  5. VDH’s musings are too precious to be shortened. Please, never try short cuts.

    Just one podcast provides more calming relief for the stressed ulcers caused by the lefties than a truckload of bromo seltzers.

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