Ruins of the Middle East

Obama shuns our friends and courts our enemies.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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12 thoughts on “Ruins of the Middle East”

  1. I appreciate the suggestion that American immigration, and even student and tourist visas be restricted from those Muslim countries. I think this should be done more generally, in fact. And include countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and North African Muslim nations. Religious discrimination? You bet.

    1. I don’t see why that idea can’t or shouldn’t be extended to the immigration policies of all Western nations. Muslim immigration has brought nothing but trouble.

  2. Another excellent description of current chaos and where America stands. Let’s go back to the old Cold War alliances and bring back something resembling a coherent foreign policy.

  3. Middle Easterners, not so different from others, like strong horses; and the fundamental unserious of the Obama, evident even in the photo at the head of this column, is in and of itself a serious problem. Once ISIS has won in Iraq, it will likely be very attractive to the Sharia-leaning Turkish PM Erdogan. A Turkish-Caliphate alliance has much historical precedent, and would give ISIS a Navy and Air Force. That would put a seal on Obama’s disasters. It would be a strong regional power, with some reach even beyond the Mediterranean.

  4. Our only hope to survive as a nation is to declare that Islam is not a religion. It is not a religion, it is a fascist, totalitarian, misogynistic political system. We will not survive as a country if Islam is allowed to destroy us using our own Constitution.

    1. Yes, Islam is “a fascist, totalitarian, misogynistic political system.” It is also one of the world’s great religions.
      Liberals and atheists have great difficulty in understanding Islam. Fundamentalist Christians, especially those who remember the teachings of the great Protestant leaders, don’t find it so difficult. I’d suggest reading the Qu’ran, of course, but also the Old Testament (all of it), and maybe Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress.”
      The “only hope” for Americans is to remember who you are and where you came from. Reading David P. Goldman on that and related issues is not a bad idea.
      And stop whining. Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.

    2. Wow! Love your thinking. I hope our knucklehead kids come to feel this way for the sake of their own safety. Alas I think not. It will be up to the gown ups to fight off the scourge of Islamic fascism. Only problem is the grown ups are getting too old and dying off.

  5. The assumptions listed are based on more fundamental beliefs of Obama. These beliefs result in some policy patterns that I find foolish.
    First, he prefers short lived coalitions over long standing alliances. He follows the principle: the ends of a particular conflict at hand justifies the choice of coalition-partners. Weakinening of NATO and abandoning Israel emerges as a pattern.
    Second, he tries to pressure governments that are in someone else’s zone of influence. When Obama threatened Assad that was foolish to begin with. Assad is Putin’s baby. Obama should have pressured Putin to make him pressure Assad. With respect to Turkey, which is Obama’s zone of influence, he does nothing. Obama simply does things the wrong way around.
    Third, like most of the American public he believes American occupation is a bad thing. Actually, American occupation is a good thing. You should charge for occupying other countries. That’s my experience living in Germany.
    Fourth, Obama believes that he can influence public opinion outside of the US and that public opinion would enable foreign policies. Call it vanity. Truth is, he has little stature outside the US to influence public opinion. Even worse, in practical terms public opinion is toothless in rogue regimes or among people who chop off heads. Technically speaking, influencing public opinion without speaking the language of that particular country seems over-ambitious to me.

  6. If the lack of wisdom was a new and rapidly acting fatal disease, the President and most of his administration would be dead in a month. And, most likely, a good number of congressional members would be showing symptoms.

  7. as naziism was destroyed following ww2–so should the murderous so called islamic religion be exterminated. mohammud was an insane,vile, unethical, thief and a pedophile. every country muslims have invaded or immigrated into is despoiled or broken by their raping,robbing,bankrupting social programs. their birth rate is the highest in the world. once they attain 20% of the population–they are in control. n. Europe, holland and Scandinavia are now being destroyed. the native populations of these lands have become the slaves of the islamists

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