Roman Plays and Illegal Acts

Listen in this weekend as Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Sami Winc discuss the impact illegal immigration has on social services, the Supreme Court blocking the Biden admin effort to keep Texas border open, the hearings on Afghanistan, and the playwrights of ancient Rome.

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10 thoughts on “Roman Plays and Illegal Acts”

  1. Where is the US embassy in Palestinian? Google says Jerusalem, but Donald Trump moved it there. Where in Gaza, the West Bank or the Golan Heights was the US Palestinian Embassy. If there is a separate state there should be a separate embassy. I would like the US to show the Palestinian Nation the same respect as we do Israel.

  2. A friend, who recently moved here from Mexico, was surprised to hear that we once, not long ago, had a GREAT medical system. She has experienced the system we have now.

  3. I hope and pray that you are correct re Trump winning the election in November.

    Folks should recognize that the Democrats care only about their power and control. Shame on them and shame on anyone who votes Democrat in November…

  4. Charles Carroll

    Greg Gutfeld says that the problem is AFWL’s (pronounced “awful”). These are people who are:

  5. Where is this alleged Palestinian Nation? What is its capital city? When was it founded? What are its founding/guiding documents? What is its system of government? Who is its King, Emperor, or President? What currency does it use? In which nations does it currently have embasies?


    English is still inflected, just not as much as its ancestors, and not as much as its cousin, German.

    The apostrophe we use in the possessive, the genitive, represents a syllable that has fallen away. So in “The dog’s dish”, for example, the apostrophe-ess represents what was at one time, “the dog-es bowl.” And of course, our pronouns are declined as well, with some spelling changes: I, me, my/mine, you, you, yours, the archaic thou, thee, thy/thine, he, him, his; she, her, hers, and so on.

    But it is true, the possessive expressed as a prepositional phrase seems to be replacing the old possessive form more and more. I notice this in sports broadcasts, for example. In a football game, the announcers almost always use the prepositional phrase, so much that it makes me suspect that they use a style sheet that mandates this. “The 49ers have the ball on the 40 yard line of the Bears.” for example, instead of, “…on the Bears’ 40 yard line.” If you listen, you’ll hear it often.

  7. On top of all that they rigged the system with covid so how do we vote them out ? The world would be a much better place without democrats

  8. As a MSEE graduate of Stanford from 1971, I am of the age now, when Stanford has been hustling me for donations. Given what happened to Judge Duncan, among other misdemeanors, I say what Alfred Doolittle’s bar friends say to him when he asks for beer money, “No’ ah brah-ss Farthing.”

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