Roman Historians and Modern Universities

Join the weekend edition. Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Sami Winc examines some remaining news–Sonoma State ask president to step aside, do universities do enough to dismantle DEI, and keeping intelligence from Israel–and VDH gives his take on historians of the late Roman Empire, Marcellinus and Procopius.

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2 thoughts on “Roman Historians and Modern Universities”

  1. Charles Carroll

    Vis-a-vis Brandon Johnson, it is not a matter of him hating Chicago. I read that he is/was farther to the left than Lori Lightfoot. And as we all know, Lefties just gotta left!


    Yeah, that portrait of King Charles III is crap. It’s garish. It looks more like he’s been encased in carbonite, than a dignified portrait of a head of state.

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