Ripples of War Everywhere

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler weigh the US interfering in Israeli politics against Netanyahu, the Wagner Group helping Hezbollah, Obama’s record in the Middle East, the “loan repayment” hoax, and Biden family toxicity.

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7 thoughts on “Ripples of War Everywhere”

  1. The Concept of everything the left does is good, and everything the right does is bad, is called “liberating tolerance.” Call it out for what it is, it’s Maoism that’s been adapted to work in the United States. His methods were terrible, but Joe McCarthy was right.


    Regarding the Biden family and fiction, Victor, I think immediately of “I, Claudius” and the imperial family. You have scheming females, some fiendishly talented and others fiendish but incompetent; men incompetent, narcissistic, foolish, or greedy without the sense to know when to grasp and when not; and a society that reflects that same lack of virtue as the family’s, a society sliding away from the virtue and quality of prior generations who built something of value.

    “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”

    Sounds about right.

  3. If Trump or any other republican is elected will he have the wherewithal to take a Sabre to the Federal GOVERNMENT and cut half off? Will our next President have the sense to quickly find who were the responsible actors for all our disasters (too many to recite) since January 2021 and deal with them as harshly as possible? And lastly but not all, will the President carve up all those who weaponized or participated in weaponizing the federal government be punished with work termination or prosecution for obstructing justice or treason?

  4. The End of Everything??

    As usual, insightful and terrifying… If Putin supplies Hamas with a nuclear weapon, which they will use before allowing their last tunnel under Gaza to be breached (what have you got to lose when 72 virgins await you in paradise??), he knows he will be beyond Israel’s reach to retaliate against him. The U.S. needs to inflict a punishing sanction on Iran now, to make it clear to Putin that he is not beyond the reach of other actors in this deadly psychodrama. (And we need to pray, too, that he is not as senile as the other actor in this play, so that he still has some desire to keep living!)
    In addition to Jill Biden and Tony Fauci, I believe that Condoleezza Rice should have been indicted in this episode. An unholy trinity of hubris contributing to the demise of civilization.

  5. So, since last week’s podcast Mr. Hanson suggests 6 figure Russian casualties and 5 figure Ukrainian. Now, the assert

  6. My experience with a year in Libya, and 5 years in Qatar, Oman, Dubai & Abu Dubai is they only relate to their religion which calls for the demise of our culture and religion. There is no other alternative.

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