Removing Netanyahu, Gagging Trump, Killing Innocents: What Won’t the Left Tolerate?

Join the Friday news roundup with Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc: Biden administration’s Netanyahu policy and Iran’s generals killed, Merchan puts gag order on Trump, Easter at the White House, Ruby Garcia shot by an illegal immigrant, RFK Jr. choses Trump over Biden, and JK Rowling and Scotland’s new hate crime.

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4 thoughts on “Removing Netanyahu, Gagging Trump, Killing Innocents: What Won't the Left Tolerate?”

  1. There are 17 days worth of oil remaining in our reserve. Many of our missiles are no longer in production and were given to Ukraine. Our 155mm cannon shells are greatly depleted and as the missiles replacement stocks will take years to manufacture. Meanwhile, leaders of the West long for war with a rearmed and war trained Russia.

    1. Brian Vilders

      And China sits quietly by while we compete with Russia, and deplete our stockpiles to critical levels.

  2. Thomas O'Brien

    Victor, why do you assume that the anti-Trump judge has an open dialogue with his leftist, activist daughter?

    After all, as we know from Joe Biden’s repeated claims, he has never discussed with his son, Hunter, his the business activities. So you see, the high integrity threshold set by “Honest Joe” (AKA Mr. Magoo) has set this standard long ago. So, is it not reasonable that the judge is also following this same standard?

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