Recruit Crisis, Veteran Services, and the Anzio Invasion

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler analyze DEI in the FBI, recruiting crisis in Britain, illegal immigrants cheat our veterans out of services, the modern casual style, the UN pauses funding to Palestinians.

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10 thoughts on “Recruit Crisis, Veteran Services, and the Anzio Invasion”


    I wouldn’t say that illegal aliens cheat our veterans out of services.
    I’d say rather it’s the politicians who let illegal aliens into the country who do. And the bureaucrats who carry out the policies who do.
    If you throw out kitchen scraps, the scavengers will come and eat them, it’s what they do.

  2. You touched on this today: that the parents fought in Iraq, who had grandparents in Korea & Viet Name, great grandparents in WWII… are doing their level best to keep their kids from joining the military. The military is more of a family business than most people realize and when the patriarchs advise their kids to not enlist, they don’t.

    As a USNA ’80 grad, I entered USNA in 1976, immediately post-Viet Nam. Naturally we had Viet Nam vets teaching us, and brought in to talk with us (many were CMH honorees). They delved deep into the politicalization of the officer corps in the VN era.

    What’s happening today looks like a cycle that has repeated throughout history. Officers do whatever they have to do politically to get their stars and the military suffers. The ones who rise are far more political animals than the warfighters. Military doctrine ossifies based on the last war because the warfighters aren’t in charge. The Ukraine learned the hard way by trusting NATO and its generals (and their simulations).

    Then we get in a war. It takes a while to weed out the lesser capable leaders and the guys like Petraeus emerge again. Sadly in the interim, we lose a lot of people for little or no reason.

    This time around, the politicalization is, at least on the surface, the worst that I can recall in our nation’s history. Your thoughts on that?

  3. Where is the “Anzio” part of the clip? If you mean the landings and advancing Western allies in WWII, please explain.

  4. Victor please… paid subscribers to Blade of Perseus should be able to listen commercial free.
    The “important messages” are too frequent and annoyingly repetitive.


    I’m 83 yrs old a paraplegic with a little dementia. Can I be accepted or would the fact that I’m a registered Republican disqualify me?

  6. I took the Citizen Decline course at Hillsdale and passed the final….

    Some time back, I did the same with the Hillsdale online course Constitution 101.

    Good stuff, I recommend all readers check them out…..

  7. The anti-white racism behind DEI is the latest iteration of favoritism over meritocracy. As a young man working at a large Air Force depot that had been sued for class action discrimination toward women I met with an Inspector General investigator. I shared that I observed a percentage were being denied based on gender, but a greater percentage were being advanced based on sexual relationships. The investigator was gob smacked and quickly dismissed me with no follow up questions.

  8. Hope your able to advise the GOP this year…they need your political acumen.
    Hope all is well with health and family.

    Wisconsin friends.

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