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Recall the California Ideology

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness

California once was run by alternating conservatives and mostly centrist Democrats. 

True, paleo-liberal governors like Pat Brown greatly expanded the welfare state. But they also believed in pushing integration, building freeways, dams, aqueducts, and power plants, while preventing forest fires, directing the mentally ill into state hospitals, and ensuring the state enhanced the housing, timber, oil and gas, nuclear, and agricultural industries.  

So why and how would anyone deliberately destroy that heritage?

Why allow California to have the highest aggregate basket of income, sales, property, and capital gains taxes in the nation, the highest gas and power prices in the continental United States, and nearly the worst schools and infrastructure, the largest populations of homeless, welfare recipients, illegal aliens, and, soon, criminals?

Remember that the left-wing of the Democratic Party became hyper-wealthy through globalization and the tech revolution. Coastal universities like Caltech, Stanford, UC Berkeley USC, and UCLA became global nexuses of millions who flocked to California to learn business, engineering, science, math, and the professions. 

University endowments were no longer measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars but in the many billions. Hollywood and professional sports now had a lucrative worldwide audience of billions. 

The market capitalization of Silicon Valley was to be measured in the trillions of dollars, as the world bought iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks to Google, tweet, and use Facebook. The result was the greatest concentration of wealth in such a small space in the history of civilization.

Within 40 years, California had created a new plutocracy of Elois, whose wealth exempted them from all worries about the mundane problems of the distant and despised Morlock others.

The wealthier the long thin line from San Diego to Berkeley grew, the more the overseers felt they were nearing Utopia, at least in their own lives.

The new Democratic Party liked to redistribute money for the poor and so obeyed the orders from the rich. But they ignored old-fashioned infrastructure that once had allowed the middle class to drive quickly and in safety, ensured them water during droughts, curbed their forest fires, and allowed their children to leave school competitively educated. 

Instead, reaction not prevention was the new mantra. Governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom failed to thin out forests, build water storage, and allow affordable housing. 

When those problems exploded, they reacted by citing climate change or some right-wing bogeyman as the culprit rather than government dereliction. They preferred utopian high-speed rail solutions to pragmatic problem solving. And they ensured none of their crackpot ideas ever affected themselves.

Why worry about affordable housing and electricity for the masses when all the right people had the means to live in the right ZIP codes without much worry about turning on the air conditioning or heat since there were rarely any scorching days or frigid nights in coastal paradise? 

Why worry about open borders, when labor became even cheaper, and “they” were never seen in Malibu or Pacific Heights except as maids and gardeners?

Why worry that teacher unions, massive numbers of non-English speakers, and therapeutic education codes had sent California public schools to the near bottom of state comparative ranks—when there were more elite and prestigious prep schools than ever on the coast? 

And why worry about producing lumber for houses, irrigated crops for food, or oil for gasoline, when the right Californians would always have the money to import their hardwood floors, arugula, and fuel from grubby others far away who would make or grow in silence what was needed?  

Yet ideas eventually have consequences. Soon even the left-wing paradise on the coast was infected by the anarchy they had created for others less important elsewhere. 

The homeless did not just defecate on the streets of Fresno, but soon preferred Venice Beach and Market Street in San Francisco. 

Fires began to smoke out not just the brush of the inland foothills, but dared to near saintly Lake Tahoe, home to the right skiers and the chosen shore owners.

Soon thieves even attacked former U.S. senators in downtown Oakland and smashed the windows of Bay Area BMWs and Volvos.

The current California recall election is a choice between Gavin Newsom who embodies the woke, old-boy privilege of the Bay Area, and an alternative direction. Newsom is the epitome of the medieval mindset of the virtue-signaling elite who patronize the poor and drive out the despised middle class.

Gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder did not give us the current California. Indeed, he spent most of his life warning us where Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, and the rarified society of the coastal corridor was taking the state. 

A careening California is heading for a colossal train wreck. Voters will have to pick between the incompetent engineer snoring at the wheel or the private passenger who rushes into the cab to get the engine back on track.

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6 thoughts on “Recall the California Ideology”

  1. Elizabeth Quaintance

    A concern with the California recall, and with ALL elections going forward, is that Democrats simply cheat. What does it matter that voters are fed up with current office holders, if vote counts are not going to be honest and accurate?

  2. Louis Manganiello Jr.

    The media is doing their part. All we hear is Newsome is ahead in the polls. If Newsome survives , it’s time to let California get what’s coming.

  3. Sir,
    I greatly admire your writings and logic. This post is a sad but seemingly on-target screenshot of California’s present woes, and all the better for applying a proto-Marxian class analysis.

    As an fyi, I received recently an email from Greg Stamps (Online Development) requesting a monetary contribution to the Hoover Institution at Stanford. The purpose of the request is to help fund research, inter alia, ” that would provide actionable solutions to policy makers ….. [that ] will strengthen free societies, improve our education system, maintain the nation’s edge in a competitive world, and enhance our democratic institutions.”

    Part of my reply to Mr. Stamps is quoted here: “However, Stanford’s Foundation has a stated value (per a google search) of nearly $30 billion. Would it be possible to use some of that money to support the Hoover Institute’s work?”

    If you need money for your research, please let me know. I would be willing to support your work. I would prefer however, to do it on some kind of matching basis with Stanford’s endowment. How much of Hoover’s budget is now supported by the Endowment? I would hope that $100 on my part would leverage an additional $10,000 from the Foundation. Thank you.

  4. Thomas Cipielewski

    The recall is not just about Gavin Newsom, as he is the most visual appendage of the progressive, elites who run California.
    Ordinary, blue collar residents are fed up with the radical government, controlling more of their lives every month. We are tired of state monies going to high speed rail (2B+to date without a project completion date in sight!), Woke public school curriculum, Abortion pills on demand for students @ public universities, expensive, crummy solutions for the homeless, & blocking water storage infinitum using biased environmental excuses. I left California in early 2021 due to the wholesale lack of common sense & accountability within California state government. PLEASE bring the start of sanity back to California state government by supporting the recall of Gavin Newsom.

  5. Welp, Newsom couldn’t run on his record so made the recall about Trump which wasn’t true, but they still managed to successfully paint Larry Elder as Trump in black face. California will eventually crash and burn, but the right neighborhoods in the Bay Area and LALA Land will be taken care of. The rest of the state will probably devolve into assorted nogo territories. I and others in my rural part of California will make sure our area is nogo to the assorted Sacramento bureaucracies that create no solutions for our concerns, just lots of cost.

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