The Dems are Radical and Their Agenda is Contrary to Nature

The Conservatives underestimates the left and play within the parameters of convention and tradition. The Dems don’t. They’re Neo-socialists, revolutionaries. VDH says we get a glimpse when they want to pack the court, end the filibuster or destroy the electoral college. The Left wants to re-fashion the past, whether renaming or toppling statues or destroying institutions. By revising the past they mean to control the future. The Dems are ruthless. The GOP is baffled by their extremism.

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2 thoughts on “The Dems are Radical and Their Agenda is Contrary to Nature”

  1. If you’re talking about leadership, the elephant in the room is Donald Trump. Since the last election, he has completely failed to lead. Temperamentally, Trump cannot lead in the traditional American sense of the word; he can only accept total loyalty from worshippers. Like an old Czarist, you keep blaming the ministers when the problem is the Czar.

    As far as Republican blandness, the party is in the midst of a long civil war between competing factions. The leaders have to be bland to keep enough of a coalition together to remain a nationally viable party. Until the factions can find a modus vivendi, tacking too far toward any one faction will alienate too many voters for the Republicans to be a party at the federal level.

  2. “The GOP is baffled by their extremism.’
    And, therefore, the GOP is in a state of denial and, in effect, not a serious participant.
    Hence, things are not likely to change. A quick survey of recent leaders of the RNC is troubling.
    The effect of corporate media on the voter is grossly underestimated.

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