Questioning Biden’s ability can be a ‘bipartisan endeavor’: Victor Davis Hanson

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2 thoughts on “Questioning Biden's ability can be a 'bipartisan endeavor': Victor Davis Hanson”

  1. bidens wife needs to take guardianship. she needs to recall him. what she is allowing is abuse. its horrible. he is not intact. but jill biden is the go-to. she knows. how does the woman live with herself?
    the only downside: kamala. a nightmare. if the election audits could show merit, reinstate trump. thats the only chance. harris will have to go. obama would step in. if that happens, the left has its renewed “trump” card for the next election. oy.

    its a game of chess. biden is keeping us safe from obama, oddly. more, from harris–a dolt. it must be trump. he knows… he knows what to do: a businessman, not a politician.

  2. Robert Hubner

    I really appreciate all the examples you provided supporting the cognitive issues of President Biden; too many who comment just make general statements with no supporting facts.

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