Putin Interview, Biden Defense, and Free Speech

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler analyze Tucker Carlson’s interview of Putin, Biden’s response to documents investigation, and the Mark Steyn settlement which is about free speech.

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31 thoughts on “Putin Interview, Biden Defense, and Free Speech”

  1. Kristian Brunila

    Ukraine was a real independent country!
    A sad day to see that VDH has fallen for Russia!
    Putin’s view on Russian history is pure lies.

    1. A hint might be to look up what the word ukraine actually means. It doesn’t mean ‘real independent country’…lol. Sadly, history belies your belief.

      1. Ukraine means “to the land”. It’s a common russian misinformation campaign to confuse the russian language preposition “o” with Ukrainian “V/U” (Vkraina/Ukraina) to pretend that Ukraina is “Okraina”, which means border area.

        1. Hardly.
          The invasion of conquest is becoming reality here, planned and financed by and of the Homeland. Actually, the reality is that we are helping the money launderers (here and across the seas) and international weapons black market. $billions cannot be accounted for along with major supplies of U.S. military weapons surface across the globe. Biden is blissfully wandering about the WH semi-nude and Austin is resting from his battle with bacteria in the Nation’s premier military health facility. This while ignoring that Biden and his Chicago based CCP staff have deliberately produced and are financing our multi-national invasion of the Homeland. Putin knows history better than the US woke crowd, you know, those dudes and dudettes running the Pentagon, State Department, and every other fed department in DC.

    2. According to you, Putin “is telling lies” about Russian history. You must know the truth about Russian history- what is the true account of that history, or are you just shooting your mouth off.

    3. You must be a profound expert on Russian history to say Putin’s view is “pure lies”. It’s actually a very long and convoluted history that we have no business being involved in. But I’m willing to be educated; so begin the education process to the rest of us, including VDH who I believe is more educated than you likely are.

      1. Excellent and a reasoned response.
        We must not fall for the propaganda machine operating out of DC, NY, the Pentagon, corporate media. Putin possibly may be, maybe even probably, a serious bad dude, nevertheless, he pales when compared to what is found in the DC Democrat Machine. Compare downtown Moscow or St Petersburg with downtown SF, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, NY, CHICAGO, etc., and downtown Beijing or Shanghai. Whose major cities are cleaner, freer of crime and violence, cleaner? It ain’t the fallen US cities by any stretch of the Democrat imagination. Lefties might say he offed his enemy, ok. But does anyone really believe that Epstein truly committed suicide after forensic pathologist Dr Michael Baden made public his findings and professional opinion? How does a tall guy hang himself from a 4′-bedpost and what exactly was that reported shrill scream coming from his area that night. Iow, “come on man”, it happens here too.

    4. thebaron@enter.net

      I’d say what Putin said was more distortion, with some lies, but overlaid over a kernel of historical fact.

      One question that came to mind when I watched the interview and listened to him was, “Is this what is taught in Russian schools?” I suspect that much of it is.

    5. And you know that how ,by watching CNN and MSNBC. There’s a whole another world out there if you turn that TV off and do a little research on your own. That’s why msm didn’t want people watching the interview and gathering your own thoughts. Main Street Media and the government wants to tell you what to think. And there was no election fraud in 2020 😃

  2. Re Mann v. Steyn: It’s too bad Steyn can’t or won’t say he’ll pay when Mann pays the judgment he owes to the estate of the Canadian scientist he sued. Mann has gotten away with stiffing the court and the family. Nice guy./sarc Or, if Mark ends up paying, maybe he can direct his payment to the family. (I wish I could recall the name of the Canadian scientist, but I’m older than Biden and memory fails me at the moment.)

    1. Dr. Tim Ball, University of Winnipeg, retired 1996. Sued by Mann in BC court. Ball awarded costs by court in 2019 which Mann has yet to pay. Authored “The deliberate corruption of climate science” in 2014. Died in impoverished by Mann’s failure to pay costs awarded by court.

  3. Victor, thank you so much for all you’ve done for us. I have become a big fan of your work over the last several months. But I want to highlight something that I think Sammi was trying to say in an earlier interview. Don’t you think the other angle on the Biden press conference fiasco is that the power brokers in the democratic party Recognize that Biden is not gonna be able to campaign effectively or give an effective interview or engage in debate due to his dementia. And that this gives them an opportunity to replace him effectively, this fiasco of a press conference. I think they were looking for an acceptable way out, and it has been handed to them. Now they are free to get Michelle or Gavin or someone else in place. And the newfound criticism by the center left media of Biden is a vehicle to accomplish this task for them?
    Joseph Hicks
    Thank you again for helping us to think clearly through the issues of our day, and use thought of those that came before us to understand them.

  4. I impressed myself: I had a very similar take on the Tucker interview as VDH!

    Another observation, Putin knows that Russia is being squeezed out by both the Americans and the Chinese. Hence the “let’s be friends.”

    And that the GHWB CIA is even more powerful than I thought.

    1. John Kevin Swint

      I too am impressed at my own erudition when I hear VDH expound on an idea I managed to formulate all by myself! Nor bad for a mere high-schooled tradesman, one of the plumbers Victor often references!😁

  5. Russia is not our friend, nor are they currently an ally of the United States. What Russia is, we find a sovereign nation with very similar interests as the United States. Neither citizenry wants to see a global nuclear meltdown or another world war to occur. However, given the current political posturing of NATO members and their overreaching intelligence agencies continual abuse of Russia as the scapegoat for all these decades must end. If not to preserve world peace, what exactly is the point of NATO. One could actually think the ending of certain sanctions currently in place against Russia could be catalyst for improving the mental health of the sane majority.

  6. That has always bothered me too – that they keep saying Biden cooperated regarding the classified docs when he most certainly did not!

    1. True, true.
      But we should remember that these are many of the same people who deny science, biology, and history, and assert men are women, and vice versa and bray that gender is a social construct. Just imagine the looks on the faces of that group of queers demonstrating for Hamas were they to actually visit the home of Hamas and come up against reality.

  7. What was evident was Mr Carlson’s lack of historical knowledge .
    Putin stated Poland started WW2 .That Crimea was the land of the Tartars before the clearance.
    The forced famine of Ukraine by the USSR.
    He sounded like the usual journalist wishing to make a splash.

  8. Now I am offically an angry listener. Not regarding the subjects or VDH’s analysis, just the delay of 4 days in posting the podcast and Jack Fowlers incessant ramblings and all his commercials.

    I deleted the VDH podcast from my phone but will check back on Saturday&Sunday when Sami and Victor provide a more timely and less interrupted podcast.

    BTW, it is easier to tell when Sami likes the products being advertised versus when she is reading from a script and not so much a fan.

    1. thebaron@enter.net

      I’m not a Sami fan, either. From her nervous chuckle, to her ignorance of some topics Victor brings up, to the insipid theme song. She sounds more like a first grade teacher than a moderator. I call her episodes “Miss Sami’s Story Hour.”

  9. What a ridiculous comment about “falling out a window”. How ignorant and how typical of the AMerican ignaorance of the rest of the world. Most Americans don’t even know their own history, let alone Russia’s story. I am embarrassed for Victor to display such unfairness and party line commentary

  10. Watching Good Fellows on 2/22 Niall Ferguson gave Tucker a firm back hander.
    He used to be a good broadcaster 4-6 years ago- and this was an embarrassment; a mistake. 7 days later the leader of Russian opposition is dead at 47. Russia is a facsist state.

    Where American commentators of all stripes (biases) can be compromised is their reluctance to criticize their own. It is all money/subscription/eyeballs and ear drum driven too – Victor and his families homes may be paid for by subscriptions – from people whom may not appreciate him being critical of Tucker.

    So Victor and Jack are not disinterested. Maybe they are enablers of Putin’s idiot Tucker (and his easily swayed audience).

    I am a fan of Hanson – he demands you be disinterested and analytical (touché) – so I can apply those skills to him and his overtly biased political commentary.

    Thank you,

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