Protesters, Withdraw, and Impeachment

In this Friday’s news roundup, Victor Davis Hanson and Sami Winc look at Palestinian protests and pressuring Israel, Afghanistan withdrawal as a failure, the Senate delaying Mayorkas impeachment trial, FISA legislation causing split in the  GOP, and transgendered females banned by NAIA.

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2 thoughts on “Protesters, Withdraw, and Impeachment”

  1. Thomas O'Brien

    Victor, you mentioned Republican representatives Gallagher and Buck resigning mid-term, but not the former speaker McCarthy who did the same thing.

    What are these guys up to. They are up to something, this is not just coincidence. Are they trying to throw the House into Democratic hands? It sounds inconceivable, but it surely appears that way. We have had disgruntled reps before that chose not to run in the next term. But to my memory, they always did finish their current term, if health reasons did not prevent it.

    I know you can’t get in their heads, but please make an educated guess as to what is going on.

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