Politics in America

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc talk about permanent Washington power, the problem of the FBI and other agencies, Adam Schiff’s complaints, the new Republican House, and Charles McGonigal‘s indictment for Russian collusion.

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2 thoughts on “Politics in America”

  1. Great podcast. I agree there seems to be a problem with these law enforcement officials who are not answerable to anyone. I think the Tyre Nichols incident is a case in point. We keep hearing in the media what it was NOT caused by (bad hiring practices, bad training, bad management). In the end, outside of some individual officers, I don’t expect anyone is going to take the blame.

  2. Mr. Hanson,
    You never answered the question “ can these people who lied under oath could be charged with Treason or Sedition????
    I love your talks. You have replaced Rush Limbaugh for me. I’m very grateful for your wisdom

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