Policies and Prospects of Our Woke Universities

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc this weekend for discussion of the current state of affairs in our universities. Where is a good education found?

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6 thoughts on “Policies and Prospects of Our Woke Universities”

  1. Dr. Hanson expressed some surprise that Hillsdale is able to achieve excellence in the middle of nowhere, far from the wonderful metropolitan coasts. And yet, the academy comes from Akademeia which was the name of the park or grove OUTSIDE of Athens where Plato taught. So… maybe getting students away from the “benefits” (distractions) of metropolitan marvels has always been best for creating an atmosphere in which to concentrate on learning.

  2. VDH,

    I appreciate your podcasts and respect and agree with the great majority of your views.

    However, in this past episode, I do believe you are missing an important fact. Students cannot default on their loans. No bankruptcy can be filed. Once a student signs and takes the money, he or she is on the hook for repayment for life. Furthermore, government entities will pay off student loans, mostly in public education – so a student is incentivized to take large loans as an education major.

    This distorts markets – in this case – the education market. The loans made are careless. The same loan at the same rate is made to a Diversity Studies student as to on studying Computer science. No interest rate differential to compensate for risk of default. As stated in your episode, this unlimited supply of money to be loaned allows universities to increase prices, bloat budgets, administration, and ridiculous phd programs.

    I really don’t blame the universities here. They are acting extremely rational (though absent of morals). If the government is willing to write blank checks at a rate only limited by volume of students – there is no wonder why universities have behaved in the way they have. A case of zero Judeo/Christian or even Platonic morality combined with incentives to behave in an otherwise irrational manner.

    Looking forward to listening to more of your shows. Just wanted to update you with the loans and the inability for a student to get out of them, ever

  3. VDH,

    I lived in Fresno for years-was an Ag. Chem. Rep.-lots of Walnut farmers like you!

    I like your comments about America……….Ca………Newsome…………………


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