Planes, Trains, and the Abortion Bandwagon

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler for some fiery discussion of the Biden-Emmitt Till nexus with East Palestine and airline accidents, federal abortion funding when a depleted military lacks funding, and the tyranny of the local EPA water agent as evidence of impotent government.

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6 thoughts on “Planes, Trains, and the Abortion Bandwagon”

  1. VDH is the best. My go to since Rush passed.
    I listen to every video he puts out.
    Thank you so much for your opinion.

  2. For the woke, the list of offenses is never-ending, and this reminds me of Lavrentiy Beria’s words: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

    Show me the word and I’ll show you the crime.
    Show me the institution and I’ll show you the crime.
    Show me the movie and I’ll show you the crime.
    Show me the book and I’ll show you the crime.
    Show me the statue and I’ll show you the crime.
    Show me the history and I’ll show you the crime.

    And etc.

  3. “Bullying into complying” wrt farmers not having enough money to fight the EPA.

    “The process is the punishment!” and the technique of deploying it uses “deniable intimidation” for cover. (H/T Richard Fernandez for the latter term.)

  4. Both VDH and Tucker Carlson have addressed the DEI craze contaminating air pilot selection. They both have aptly sounded the alarm on how dangerous it is. Airline crashes, more than botched medical operations resulting in patient death, grab headlines. So, maybe in time, when enough of the “right people, you know the “important” people, die in plane crashes there will be push back to the DEI lunacy.

    Those with private jets probably do not incorporate DEI values in the selection of THEIR pilots. So, to the extent that they are able, I am sure they will insulate themselves from its consequences. But there are many others of the elite class that do not routinely fly on private jets. They, like the rest of us, will be subject to the errors of substandard pilots. So, in time, things might change. It is kind of the ultra extreme case of a “liberal becoming a conservative, once mugged”.

  5. Spot on Victor!
    You’re asking the same questions I do, specifically to the Biden’s lavish lifestyle on a modest income, even as POTUS. No way that affords the mansions he has, same goes for Obama. The corruption and continuous rhetoric of, “there is nothing to see here”, baffles my mind. Fortunately or unfortunately, we have to realize that we (you and I) come from a better place morally as well as a place of sanity. This is why it will never make sense to us – because it’s plain wrong.
    Thank you for all your insight and teachings.

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