Paging Dr. Fauci and Nikki Haley on the Rise

On this episode, join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler as they discuss masks making a comeback, despite science proving they’re pointless, Nikki Haley trending upwards in the polling, the dangers of early voting, how the truth about climate change gets buried, and how republican lawmakers really vote at the state level.

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9 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Fauci and Nikki Haley on the Rise”

  1. James Lindsay has done a great job at pointing out that we now have a lot of alchemy posing as science. If they’re searching for how the world actually works, that’s science. If they’re trying to propagate a view or message, that’s alchemy.

  2. …they are all partisans, but as a matter of practicality we need an alternative to Trump?

    So if a group of thugs block you from entering your farm house, as a matter of practicality you should abandon your own house?

    It happens all the times in 3rd world countries. Is that what you are telling us? American politic is 3rd world, and we need to learn to accept it?

  3. I would highly recommend that mr. Jack Fowler prepare concise questions, either pointed or open-ended, and allow VDH to get to the points of the day more quickly and directly. I appreciate the podcasts greatly.

  4. Anthony Fauci’s role are far as the media is concerned was to provide a cover for corporate media corruption – corruption which I define as knowingly peddling false information to the public. The media has a few “useful idiots” in its ranks that may think they are presenting facts to the public, and the corrupt leadership has no reticence pointing to those “true believers” in order to push that narrative.

    That was only a small part of Fauci’s role re COVID, however (maybe 20% IMO) – his major role was to use the power of the purse he wield(ed) to coerce practitioners in the medical arena to follow the narrative of the government, and the pharmaceutical companies. And where the purse failed (e.g. with front line MD’s) the government stepped in often enough with legal threats to force those people into line – this was all aided and abetted by social media companies who were also threatened, or cooperated willingly “for the greater good”.

  5. Hello. You referred to “Long Covid” having caused problems with yourself and others. May I suggest that you would find the NIH studies listed below to be quite interesting. Please remember that the mRNA shot forces the body to produce the toxic Spike Protein for up to at least 1.5 years.

    Two NIH Studies to review on an OTC supplements, effects (Nattokinase) regarding improvement to damaged human circulatory systems and the supplement effectiveness in countering Covid 19 spike protein toxicity.

    Nattokinase degrades the Covid 19 toxic spike protein.

    Nattokinase effective in repair heart and circulatory system damage

  6. The upcoming presidential election is very important but even if a conservative candidate wins there is much to be done in persuading men to reality and a better worldview.

    It is important to win elections but more important long term to win people’s minds and agreement. The Marxists have been working for one hundred years to take over America with various strategies, and it could be that conservatives need to work for one hundred years to undo their damage.

    Conservatives need to be prepared to contest for America not only in this generation but for their descendents’ sake especially if elections are lost. It may be that the ground work is being laid so that future generations can reestablish the rule of law, the Constitution, and American ideals.

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