Out-of-Touch Policy and Dangerous Talk

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Sri Lanka’s green policy disaster, Netherland farmers, our Antoinette-like leaders, and Covid policy. Listen in to the enormity of the Left’s policies.

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13 thoughts on “Out-of-Touch Policy and Dangerous Talk”

  1. I so wish Victor Hanson would run for President in 2024. Wouldn’t it be nice to once again have a man with the intellect of Thomas Jefferson be our President?

  2. Victor Hanson is a national treasure. He has an unmatched ability to recall and summarize recent and current events, and to point out the absolute corruption and hypocrisy of those who would rule over and subjugate us. If our politicians had a tenth of his intelligence and wisdom, the mess we find ourselves in would never have happened.

  3. Charles Carroll

    If non-Europeans want to stop cultural appropriation, they ought to stop using European electricity, automobiles, high-heel shoes, etc.

  4. I have a Kindle that is chock-full of downloads from the Gutenberg Society website. Thousands of titles that are no longer copyrighted (published roughly before the 1920s) are available for free download. This is a good way to avoid “wokism”.

  5. Barbara Humphreys

    I live on Long Island and I have noticed that the big chain food stores have a surprising number of empty shelves and freezers. Meanwhile, several smaller food store chains that seem to be run by predominantly Hispanic management and, perhaps, owners, have full shelves, full freezers, and competitive, or better, prices than the big chains. Plus very good quality. Even Walmart has some empty shelves and freezers, so the problem is definitely limited to the big operators and is general. So, what is the bottom line? I shop at the “Hispanic run” stores and avoid the big chains. Couple this with $4.50-$5.00 regular gasoline and I try to limit my store visits anyway. Oh, and the discount liquor store I frequent is clearly owned by recent immigrants. Best prices on “The Island”, as we say out here, as if it is the only island on the planet. Can I explain what is going on here? No. Is it real? Yes. It’s been going on for several years now. Even before Covid, the smaller stores and immigrant-run stores had better prices and service plus better produce and selection. I’m betting that the disparity has unions behind it somewhere. Or, perhaps, there is a major economic change happening. Whatever the case, it is better for us as consumers.

  6. Randall Kilgore

    After the death of Charles Krauthammer I lost hope of finding a thinker who could equal him. But Victor Davis Hanson does so.

  7. Victor and Jack, Love the wisdom and clear thinking.

    Say, can you post with a better audio player? Thx.

    Victor, few people understand the risks to global stability. Political forces of all stripes, unassailable debt, centralized energy, food and security. Difficult years ahead.

  8. Same. I started with David Brudnoy in Boston, then Charles, now Victor.

    All on the same thread: Articulate clarity and exceptional judgement.

    Heroes who help it all make sense. That gives me control. There is no better gift.

  9. VDH hits the nail on the head when he says that the United States needs a national deterrence policy against biological attacks. The fact that the Wuhan Virus (Covid) wreaked such havoc and destruction on the US (1M dead, economy in tatters, etc.) and the world will encourage China and other bad actors (Iran, North Korea) to consider their own bioweapons programs. US doctrine must be that any future release of a bioweapon, whether accidental or intentional, will be met with massive retaliation. How China has gotten away with its willful release of the Wuhan Virus (whether the original leak was accidental or intentional) is another matter…

    1. Will we be willing to retaliate “massively” against nuclear powers who precipitate a new Covid-like virus? The world knows we have the biggest stick and thinks that we only use it when we believe we can achieve a quick, bloodless, and decisive victory. Is the World right?

  10. Even better than Roosevelt’s dictum for the current war in Ukraine is Napoleon’s dictum: “if you’re going to take Vienna, take Vienna”.

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