Our Porcine Two-Legged Wokeists

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

“Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” George Orwell, Animal Farm

What were we to make of multimillionaire Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash at his Martha’s Vineyard estate, and the throng of the woke wealthy and their masked helot attendants?

Was socialist Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) suffering for the people when she wore a designer dress to the more than $30,000 a ticket Met gala? Her entourage needs were certainly well attended to by masked Morlock servants.

Did the leftist celebrities at the recent Emmy awards gather to discuss opening Malibu beaches to the homeless when the (unmasked) stars virtue-signaled their wokeness?

For answers about these hypocritical wokeists, always turn first to George Orwell. In his brief allegorical novella, Animal Farm, an array of animal characters—led by the thinking pigs of the farm—staged a revolution, driving out their human overseers. 

The antihuman animal comrades started out sounding like zealous Russian Bolsheviks (“four legs good, two legs bad”). But soon they ended up conned by a murderous cult of pigs under a Joseph Stalin-like leader. And so, the revolution became what it once had opposed (“four legs good, two legs better”).

Our own woke, year-zero revolution is now in its second year. Yet last year’s four-legged piggish revolutionaries are already strutting on two legs. They are not just hobnobbing with the “white supremacists” and “capitalists,” but outdoing them in their revolutionary zeal for the rarified privileges of the material good life.

The Marxist co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, is now on her fourth woke home. She has moved on from the barricades to the security fences of her Topanga Canyon digs in a mostly all-white, all-rich rural paradise—the rewards for revolutionary service.

Professor Ibram X. Kendi has evolved from the edgy revolutionary work of flying all over the country, hawking his Orwellian message of “All racism bad! But some racism good!” Now he has mastered the art of zooming the wannabe woke for his $20,000 an hour avant gardehectoring. 

What of Colin Kaepernick, the mediocre second-string quarterback turned sudden firebrand? He refused to stand for the National Anthem and spread his “take a knee” kitsch throughout professional sports. 

Kaepernick became a boutique revolutionary multimillionaire. For $12 million a year, he pitches Nike sneakers, often made in Chinese forced-labor camps. 

Woke NBA star LeBron James, from his $23 million Brentwood mansion, blasts America for its endless unfairness—in service to his totalitarian Chinese paymasters who will ensure his good life with an eventual lifetime $1 billion payout for hawking their goods. 

Our other elite wokeists navigating around the revolution are even more cynical. The corporate and Wall Street capitalists feel that a little virtue signaling, showy diversity coordinators, and woke advertising will more or less buy off the latest version of Al-Sharpton-like shake-down artists. 

Then there are the trimmers and enablers. These are the wealthy, rich, and professional classes. They feel—in the abstract—absolutely terrible about inequality, but hardly enough in the concrete to mix with the unwashed. 

For them, wokeism is like party membership in the late ethically bankrupt Soviet Union. It is necessary for peace of mind and good income, but otherwise not an obstacle for the continuance of the privileged, comfortable life. 

The more TV news hosts rant about “systemic” this and “supremacy” that, and the more college presidents write stern penance memos to their faculty about “that’s not who we are,” and all the more they feel not just good about themselves, but relieved of any real obligation to live and socialize with the Other. 

As for the self-declared non-white Other, wokeism is also a top-down revolution of celebrities, intellectuals, actors, activists, academics, grifters, lawyers, and the upper-middle-class and rich. And they are not calling for a Marshall Plan to bring classical education to the inner city. They themselves have little desire to move into the hood or spread their wealth. They rarely mentor others on their shrewd capitalist expertise that made themselves rich. 

They are far more cynical than that. The regrettable violence of the street, the 120 days of 2020 looting, death, and arson are the levers of the woke professionals. They fight with the various tribes of the same class and mindset over the slices of the same coveted elite pies. But they bring to the scrap the unspoken cudgel that without greater non-white de facto quotas in comic books, TV commercials, Ivy-League faculties and students, symphonies, and sit-coms, then “systemic racism” could once again ignite downtown Portland or Seattle or Baltimore. 

Orwell would say of the woke Obamas, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Bernie Sanders, LeBron James, or Ibram Kendi—and their supposedly unwoke, but similarly rich and privileged enemies, “It was impossible to say which was which.”

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7 thoughts on “Our Porcine Two-Legged Wokeists”

  1. Your analysis is on point, but when the hell are you going to move past recitation of the problems and focus on resolution? Conservatives do not need any more paralysis by analysis; we need concrete steps to take back our country from these damn communists!

  2. Dr. Hanson,

    How do modern, constitutional republics fall? With all of the democratic safeguards built into our system – ie. the Bill of Rights, judicial review, representative government – how have we ended up in the position you have described? And could the present situation get much worse?

    I’m not an historian, but it would seem that it takes a lot more than just storming the ramparts of a corrupt dictatorship to destroy such a free and prosperous society as ours. The current woke movement is largely a confederacy of politicians, activists, academics, media outlets, and wealthy celebrities that are well financed by most of the billionaire class and foundations of America. Their goals are to seize absolute power and radically transform the country into a utopian police state.

    I don’t wish to sound alarmist, but all one has to do is look at the current voting legislation Nancy Pelosi is hoping to insert in the next massive appropriations bill that would supersede state constitutional authority and make mail-in voting the norm. This move, coupled with the flood of illegal immigration, is designed to eliminate any political opposition and turn the country into the current dysfunctional model of California. There is also a frightening racial component to wokeism. It’s no accident that European classical music is under attack in a way that the black art form of jazz is not.

    Is this not fascism by any reasonable definition?

  3. James c vallance

    I think that the role of Mr. Hanson as a thoughtful historically contextualized analyst of the current state of affairs in his own way has set the table for those who wish to pursue action. I think countless organizations have begun to find their voice and are stepping up to the front of the (symbolic) landing craft and are ready to storm the (symbolic) beach and take back our land. Woke Marxism won’t win here real Americans would rather physically die.
    The titanic that is modern America has flooding and has caused the ship to sink down by the bow
    Captain Joe and second in command Kammy believe that we can maintain steerage way and the navigator Nancy has the charts and her shaking hands And declares on the bridge that we are not going to hit the rocks but down in the engine room real Americans covered in sweat know that the ship is in trouble and are willing to do what Americans have always done bear any burden suffer any cost do what needs to be done to save the country
    John Paul Jones I have not yet begun to fight!

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