Our New Post-Virus Lexicon

Victor Davis Hanson // National Review

Antibody badges = surely a German import

Antibody tests = It seems that nobody tests.

AOC = See, emissions went down during shelter in place.

Best and Brightest = being wrong on modeling, human infectiousness, test-kit availability, travel bans, masks, and anti-malarial drugs, without ever having to say your’re sorry

Joe Biden = Beware of Ezekiel Emanuel!

Big Pharma = Leave! Come Home!

Bioweapon = the next Chinese summit

Boomers = Hey man, so, so sorry about the debt.

Michael Bloomberg = oddly melted down and exited the national stage before the Chinese virus struck

Border security = yesterday’s Neanderthalism; today’s prescience

The CDC = Wearing masks is badmasks for some are better than for others; all masks are good.

China = yesterday’s inevitable new hegemon; today’s global pariah, tomorrow’s 1.4-billion-person infectious nightmare

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