Our Leadership and Looking Back to WWII

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler take on the quality of the current advisors to the administration, Operation Market Garden’s legacy, Trump’s appeal to “safety moms,” and the coming Chicago Democratic convention.

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10 thoughts on “Our Leadership and Looking Back to WWII”

  1. How can anyone with a brain (a tall order, I know) vote for Biden ?? Not to repeat myself but he is a bull in a china shop. Everything he touches or comes near turns to detritus, disaster or both. Get rid of that impostor ASAP. YOU KNOW WHY HE SELECTED HARRIS ? DUH ! If what remains of him is anything, he is a political hack. OUT !

  2. Vincent Pfalzer

    I studied music in college and ended up working on Wall Street, fortunately my wife made me realized that my love of music was much higher than my talent for producing it. The reeducation and work was not easy but well worth it. I’m located in in NY on Long Island where we still have some republicans. Trump will do fairly well here, however I cant see Trump polling well in the tri-state area. The vitriol and hate is palpable. The WWII history was great, and a lot of your other comments really hit home with me. Thanks !

  3. Professor Hanson, let me wish you and the members of your group a safe and enriching trip. I hope to get a chance to participate one of these years but have been very fortunate to have been able to go over the D-Day landing sites and Normandy campaign at length. Have you thought of making a video or recording your presentations for the many of us who would be grateful for your insights? Again, bon voyage.

  4. Really great program. In addition to current political comments, enjoy the story about WWII Generals— Patton, Montgomery, Bradley, etc., and the espionage.

  5. Hi Victor,
    Great podcast but it isn’t Arnheim, maybe you were thinking of your California’s Anaheim. 🙂

    As a foreigner (Australia mate) I am shocked, staggered and dismayed by your descriptions of California today. I still have vivid memories of it when I first visited decades ago, an almost magical place.
    So was the US. It wasn’t perfect but in human history it was very good. Now , I feel the whole country has been punked.
    Best wishes,

  6. steve huntington

    Hi Victor,
    Great podcast but it’s Arnhem not Arnheim, maybe you were thinking of your own California dreamin’ Anaheim.
    Would say more but already have only to have been wiped out by this seemingly friendly but ultimately money grabbing ,i.e. typically American website.
    Hi from Australia and we all have our faults as nations.
    Best wishes,

    1. Steve,

      “money grabbing, ie. typically American website.”

      If you can find a better deal for $5/month, then I suggest you take it.

  7. Dear Dr. Hanson,
    Your comments on Operation Market Garden were especially poignant. My Uncle and namesake, Lt. William L Rice, Tank Commander 4th Armoured Division, 8th Tank Battalion, mortally wounded 11/24/44, was waiting for the gas that went to Monty. My Uncle earned a Silver Star, 2 Bronze Medals a 2 Purple Hearts. His commanding officer at the time, Ret. Brig General Albin Irzyk OMB, who rose to be the 8th Tank Battalion Commanding Officer wrote a book entitled Gasoline to Patton: Irzyk, Albin: 9781932762068. I had the honour and privilege to spend a day in late 2012 with the General and his wife in West Palm Beach, Fl. I flew from my home in Israel to meet him; it was a highlight of my life. The General was a truly Great Man.

    I stand with many, many American Jews living in Israel in thanking you for your incredible support. I would like to leave you with a short anecdote from the current War. Last week I had an appointment with my masseur, a Russian physical therapist in Jerusalem. He emigrated to Israel in 1993. After the treatment, I said hello to his wife who was watching TV in the living room. A Russian channel was playing; it was from Russia, not a local Israeli production. They were airing footage of tents, pitched in an urban area. Suddenly it clicked. I asked if these scenes where showing the anti-Israel protests in American Universities. That’s what it was! Dr. Hanson, can you imagine the propaganda bonanza of these images; Russians watching virulent America

  8. Continued,
    Dr. Hanson, can you imagine the propaganda bonanza of these images; Russians watching virulent American antisemitism live in their homes! I wonder if they are covering the Soviet style show trial in NYC against a former American President. It is unreal and very tragic.
    Bill Rice

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