Our Corrupt Bureaucrats and Representatives

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine the actions and works of Ibram Kendi, Chuck Schumer, David Brooks, John Brennan, Robert Menendez, and the antics of Fetterman, Boebert, and AOC.

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11 thoughts on “Our Corrupt Bureaucrats and Representatives”

  1. Sir Hanson,
    You are THE best political and society commentator there is.
    Am looking forward to this review of our clown show, thanks to the DemoRats.

  2. Brilliant show Victor and Jack;

    David Brooks been drinking; and miniature horses.

    God Bless America; really the show takes down a wall of crazy.

  3. I have long listened to VDH on TV and always make it a point to listen carefully because I always learn something new. This was my first podcast. In business there often arises corrupt bureaucracies and if too powerful or pernicious the business fails. It seems we are at or maybe beyond the inflection point of changing course. Scholars like VDH give me hope.

  4. Victor, Thank you for another fascinating, entertaining and informative podcast. You are such a brilliant and principled man, and I highly value your thoughts and opinions. There is a lot of uncertainty in this country lately, and you give me both hope (sometimes) and perspective, but I much prefer your honest opinion on things, whether it is positive or not.
    Thank you again! ….. Rich

  5. With respect to the NP who is claiming an invasion of her privacy: The verbal gymnastics could be an attempt to protect her license from suspension should her state’s licensing board decide to investigate her raunchy behavior.

    Sexually exhibitionism is strictly prohibited.

  6. Victor,
    I think you let your innate common sense overcome your theme for a second.
    Satyricon would gush big bucks for those stolen, used dresses; and revel in both the notoriety & the dead skin at just the right party.

  7. “It’s too bad we don’t have imaginative, creative, Republican, conservative candidates…” That has always been the problem. And when one comes along, he is destroyed.

    One will never witness a “conservative” reporter or candidate challenge Gov. Newsom with: “As mayor of SF, in 2008, an entire family was murdered in cold blood by an illegal alien that you and then-DA Kamala Harris released from custody due to sanctuary city policies. How much blood has to flow until you have you learned your lesson?”

  8. Explaining the increase in false telling –

    The Adoption of Secular Origin Beliefs: The Big Bang Theory, Abiogenesis, Evolution

    Implication: No Creator God, No Divine Authority, No Divine Judgment, No Absolute Morality, No Standards to Uphold

    The Lie: This life is all that there is and there is no accountability before God for how you have lived that life. There is no good or evil only power and the satisfaction in acquiring it and using it. You are free to do what you want as long as you can get away with it from society.

    Therefore, utilize your few years on earth to fulfill your own ambitions, making the world what you want it to be. Man is the highest being in the universe, you are your own master, you answer to no one. Fulfill your desires, shoot up a school, lie to Congress, post videos of pornography, do what you need to do to express your desires and accomplish your will.

    Civilizational decline may historically occur in periods of affluence and leisure as self-sufficiency and self-fulfillment are two reasons to say to yourself that you do not need God nor are you answerable to Him.

  9. Millions faced with deportation from ‘their’ new country? A waiting flank to be unleashed on November’s field. Beware the angry child.

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