Optimism, Inc. Part 5: The Most Privileged of the Privileged?

Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers

Our finally irony this week? Who is the White Privileg-ist of all? Hunter Biden, of course. 

What inner-city denizen, what white Deplorable from Butte would be given a pass if he left his crack pipe and substance in his rental car? Or was given an age and drug conviction waiver to enter the Navy—only to be quietly asked to leave for drug use? 

Or who from his twenties onward was gifted by the swamp administrations of both parties with serial billets in make-work job on boards and bureaucracies? And what clinger or “chump” would become a multimillionaire, by peddling his family’s name to the highest bidding foreign government or domestic corporation? 

And who among us has violated gun registration laws, as well as prostitution, drug, and pornography statutes with complete exemption? Who has lied repeatedly in public about his transgressions, and had his now president-father lie to the country that his son was a victim of “Russian disinformation”, the sort of fables that a murderous Putin now remembers as his troops muster on the Ukrainian border?

We do not know the precise percentages of attribution within Hunter Biden’s world of privilege: Was his last name 80 percent of the con? Did being pampered, male and white account for the other 20 percent?  

Yet how can any woke movement still exist when the President’s son, whose transgressions the President serially lies about, is the epitome of all the supposed pathological perks which the president has pledged to end?

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