Optimism, Inc.:Part 3: #MeToo Too?: More on What Ends Hysterias

There is no need to go over all the details of the recent #MeToo wave. Most supported the initial disclosures. Who could defend Weinstein, or the sexual narcissist Matt Lauer with his electric button-locked office, who parlayed his position into serial asymmetrical sexual trysts while he broadcast his progressive fides to the world?

Soon major (thus liberal and leftist) Hollywood stars and key politicians were under a cloud, from Garrison Keillor and Charlie Rose to Al Franken and Joe Biden. The nadir was the Kavanaugh hearings. The Left jumped the shark and tried to convince America that a long-ago, teen-aged Kavanaugh had been a veritable rapist because an unhinged witness lied serially (e.g., Christine Blasey Ford really was coached, she did routinely fly on airlines, etc.). 

Decades after the supposed crime, with no proof and no corroboration, Ford became the godhead of a political smear campaign to stop a conservative from joining the Supreme Court.

The logical trajectory of mainstreaming the confused accuser Ford led to accepting the insanity of snake-oil peddler Michael Avenatti, the current felon, and former Trump-hating would-be Democratic nominee and CNN/MSNBC star. 

And so #MeToo sputtered out—to the point that the leading women of the Democratic Party yawned when candidate Joe Biden was accused by Tara Reade of having crudely and brutally sexually assaulted her decades earlier. 

Reade even produced some corroboration in contemporary communications about the assault, in a manner nonexistent with Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh. At one point in the primary, Kamala Harris vaguely announced “I believed them” in reference to the army of young women who had claimed candidate Old Joe had squeezed many, blew their hair, nuzzled and felt them. No matter. The Left soon killed off  #MeToo that it had birthed—and began to lament their own prior demolishment of the buffoonish Senator Al Franken.

Biden’s exemptions were supposedly now based on principle, namely that being handsy or worse in one’s past cannot years later be redefined as non-consensual or worse (usually in asymmetrical fashion used against the partner who became the more famous or wealthy). 

In truth, #MeToo could afford to lose the monstrous Weinstein, but not Joe Biden or a long ago apparently rehabilitated Bill Clinton, and not “our side” journalists like Glenn Thrush, Tavis Smiley, and Mark Halperin. And so #MeToo now is relegated to the partisan ash heap: it is still useful to go after Republicans or conservatives but makes no claims that women out of the past have any right to bring down progressives.

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