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  1. Thomas O'Brien

    VDH about an hour into this podcast you mentioned that you agreed with Sami that Tucker Carlson when showing some of the previously ignored tapes of the capital “insurrection” should have condemned more the illegal entry of the protesters into the capitol building on January 6th.
    My gosh, I saw the same tapes you and Sami did, and I heard Carlson multiple times condemn the trespassing. So, I am puzzled why you two think he should have condemned it more.

    I am waiting for the emails to be exposed showing Trump requesting the National Guard be present on Jan.6th and Speaker Pelosi nixing it. I have read that they exist. Also, I now place former V.P. Pence in the same RINO camp with Romney and some others. Why? Because he characterized Jan. 6th as an insurrection, and blamed Trump for it!

    1. Hi Thomas, Jan 6 was planned by the Left, just like Feb 2011 at the Wisconsin State Capitol. For the same reasons. On Jan 6, the Left and neocons didnt want any testimony about election fraud or to hear from alternate electors. Wisconsin 2011? The dems wanted to get out of a union vote. They admitted it. Not only did they leave the capitol under the guise of a safety precaution, but they left the state and stayed at a hotel in Illinois so they couldn’t be arrested by WI state police. They admitted that too. The protestors OCCUPIED the Capitol for 2 1/2 weeks. Ate, slept on the floor of the chamber, bathed in the bathrooms and caused $7.5 million in damages. They chanted, ” this is how democracy works,” and Pelosi agreed, repeated that phrase and lots of other dems praised them as well. Have you seen the videos, news reports, still photos? Lefty reporters were beaming with pride at how, “the people took action.” The articles were glowing. They were so proud of these people. And after the reports about the damages was publicized, the Left scrambled to hide the truth and the cost of the damages suddenly became around $200,000. All of this treachery and theft as our country is eroded and the thugs enrich themselves. The kleptocracy they have been working toward for decades.

      1. Thomas O'Brien

        Right on, Nancy. Thank you for reminding me of strength of Wisconsin’s great governor, Scott Walker. Had he been an Arnold Swaggernager type, he would have folded, and the unions would have achieved their objective. I wish Walker could be our governor here in California.

        As for the Jan. 6th Capitol Hill stunt, Nancy Pelosi and the other Dems got just what they wanted. Now I hope the tapes and emails show them for the frauds they are. The present Democratic Party is a cancer in our politics. I believe, and facts support it, their DNA has changed little since the mid-19th century.

    2. thebaron@enter.net

      Sami first made that comment in the previous podcast, “Tucker didn’t talk enough about the illegal entry.”

      My reply would be, “OK, Sami, if you think that should be emphasized, why do you do your own podcast and focus on that?”

      1. The way I look at it, the Jan. 6th already did all the emphasis that was needed, and then a ton more of it. Tucker, multiple times, acknowledged that laws were broken that day, and it was not all as peaceful as the clips he was now showing.

        But, of course, the point he was making was why were the tapes that he is now showing previously kept from public view?

  2. Victor and Sami,
    You are spot-on about those who behave like Colin Kaepernick. He was the college quarterback at my alma mater, UNR, and very successful being part of a winning team. However, his pro career was short lived and he was no longer the football darling. His insecurity and not being given the attention he felt he deserved perhaps made him bitter and ungrateful. In the pursuit of becoming self-important, some people will unfortunately lash out at others no matter what harm is caused. One who is humble and charitable is to be admired. It’s too bad society has these priorities mixed up. Thank you for wonderful podcast.

  3. Thomas O'Brien

    Boy, this is some sophisticated website. I have tried multiple times to post two clever, political jokes. When I click on the “Post Comment” spot I expect to get the usual “awaiting moderation”, or whatever it says.

    But I don’t get that. Rather I get nothing. It is as if I never tried to post it. I don’t know how you can immediately discern what i tried to post, but some how you do. Very impressed.

    1. Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

      Your penetrating witticism has been intercepted by our space laser. Try more tinfoil next time, two-legger! (not that it will save you…)

      Hail Yig!

      Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

  4. Conservative commentators are very strange, self defeating.

    I used to listen to Dennis Prager years ago. One of his favorite sayings was, “The Left thinks the Right is evil, while the Right thinks the Left is wrong.” I never understood why he said that though I was a big fan. When I think of the Left I think of Communism, and the millions it murdered, and the billions it imprisoned, and impoverished.

    Likewise, Victor’s favor word is magnanimous to describe when Liberal leaders bow down to foreign powers. Magnanimous means generous or forgiving. Those are not the adjectives Victor will ever use to describe Mr. Biden. When a leader’s actions are antithetical to the well being of his country, shouldn’t it be called treasonous?

    1. Thomas O'Brien

      I distinguish between the Democratic Party operatives (they, in my view are evil) and those whose votes keep them in power. This latter group in most cases are just wrong. And why are they wrong? They are often wrong because they are moral preener’s who are duped by the lovely words of the operatives. Others are wrong because they are afraid of being called names, so they will not step up and speak the obvious.
      I would not use the word magnanimous for any of them. Victor has a truly superb vocabulary. With all due respect to him, he could have found a more suitable adjective to use.

  5. Some very good discussion near the end of the podcast concerning independent income, truckers, small businesses, etc. As regards the labor force participation rate, how the Biden regime is pushing native Americans out of jobs and replacing them with illegal immigrants or non-citizen residents, I am reminded of the helot class of Sparta, those who were taken, and subjugated into agricultural labor. Today we can find fresh grapes and mangoes from South and Central America at the supermarket. In the past the steel mills were moved to places such as Gary, IN, to be out of range of Soviet nuclear bombers, but today the factories are moved to China or India to be owned and operated by foreigners. The small business which was outlawed and bankrupted to be closed, while the box store with hundreds of people inside which was kept open, is apparently short of workers and hires mostly illegal aliens and foreigners? Some of whom – in addition to remittances – routinely travel back to their home countries in the Caribbean or South America for visits, which is not cheap, while “unvaccinated” federal citizens (or subjects) are barred entry into the country (or homeland). The one seeks legitimacy for its supremacy, while the other seeks material reward (mammon) for its servility. The sheep and the goats (G.O.A.T.s) coexist symbiotically for the moment, until the currency collapse and default on debt obligations occurs.

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