Office Hours with Victor Davis Hanson: Sherman

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4 thoughts on “Office Hours with Victor Davis Hanson: Sherman”

  1. While Sherman may technically have failed as a banker, the Panic of 1857 destroyed banks all over the world. If Sherman’s autobiography was correct, he was the ONLY San Francisco banker to pay back 100% of his depositors. I count that as a success. Again, he was for his depositors, not the rich businessmen who helped precipitate the crisis.
    Vis-a-vis Confederate generals hating Sherman, Joseph E. Johnston died of pneumonia after participating in Sherman’s funeral in New York in 1891.

  2. When I was growing up in Mississippi, one of my high school history teachers really emphasized her hatred of Sherman. This was in the 1950’s. Later when my husband and I traveled to Washington DC, I was appalled to see the stature of Sherman! How could that be?
    I’m so grateful to Professor Hanson for opening my eyes to the truth about Sherman and his beliefs. Thank you!

  3. While I understand the reasoning behind his infamous “March to the Sea”, the criminal conduct of his troops blackened any supposed good that the affair resulted in, Sherman himself acknowledged that he would be committing War crimes and be convicted of such if the Union lost. But by the time of the incident the South was already on its knees and on its way down. However Rapine, plundering, arson and murder of non-combatants are inexcusable any way you slice it. His troops committed these atrocities ergo he as their Commanding General is responsible! That is the law, and if we don’t have the law then we are no more than two steps removed from the jungle, or nicely dressed barbarians if you prefer.

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