Obama’s Hope-and-Change Foreign Policy

President Obama applies the same principles abroad that he does at home.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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12 thoughts on “Obama’s Hope-and-Change Foreign Policy”

  1. Simple truism’s—– If it ain’t broke, don’t let Obama fix it— Simplicity is a virtue—We take care of our own. The “great minds” break what never needed to be fixed. Totalitarian patterns from “great minds” only enslave. European leaders policy of “let them eat cake” and America the protector—— good-luck relying on that. Good ol’ boy Trump will executive-order distraught European’s, trying to escape Europe’s coming plight. Fraulein’s and Mademoiselle’s for everyone.

  2. And what Obama has done will have its way with him. Ditto for Hillary. Ditto for the NY Times and LA Times.

    If anybody wants to stop the mess, simply defund “Progressive-Retardnation” education. Star with J-School.

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  4. Forward we go to the next world war – Shades of Hitler and Chamberlain, followed by Stalin. You can insert current names.

  5. In sum, Obama stirs things up, is smug over the ensuing mess and growing chaos, all of which he well knows, and in which he takes much delight and satisfaction

    1. Michael D Marcus


      What is your point in commenting in this vein. Is it merely to vent your frustrations upon reading a fact based analysis that violates a worldview built for you by mainstream media fools? Or are you just another one of those internet trolls?

  6. Proudly Unaffiliated

    An interesting perspective on what motivates Obama’s foreign policy from VDH. I see Obama’s main goal as destroying the American middle class and anything (e.g., the economy) that supports it. So all is subordinate to that goal, even if it means giving foreign affairs minimal attention to the point of gross incompetence/malfeasance. Empirically, this appears as accurate as VDH’s perspective so it is hard to tell the difference. And I am not sure it matters as the increasing damage has/is being done by Obama as we speak.

    But the man is on his path and it will get worse — of that we can be certain.

  7. Russell Coryell

    Au contraire, my friend Kerwin, Mr. Hanson has quite a following I assure you. His understanding of history and ability to sift through the propaganda of today’s media ensures a most refreshing insight to what is truly happening. I for one follow his postings, as I too, am a student of history; and, I assure you there are many of us out there that haven’t “swallowed the Kool-Aid”.

  8. For decades I thought one had to be pretty sharp or special to be President in spite of the teaching that ‘anyone could grow up to be President’. After the last two elections and mercifully leaving the Carter Administration out of the loop, it may be proposed that now it is proven beyond doubt that ‘any damned fool can become President’.

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