Nordstrom Invasion, Catholic Discrimination and Trump Facing More Charges

On this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss a mob ransacking a Nordstrom store in Los Angeles, Massachusetts bans faithful Catholics from adopting children, former President Donald Trump facing additional indictments in Georgia, AG Garland appointing a special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation. Victor also shares what he’s currently reading.

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9 thoughts on “Nordstrom Invasion, Catholic Discrimination and Trump Facing More Charges”

  1. Why do you always come back to the same adjectives: Crude, Rude, Tragic?

    I no longer understand the purpose of your podcasts. You reminded me so much of the talking heads who whined about the injustice and tragedy of the Hong Kong protestors. It just kept getting worse no matter what they said or wished. But at least they have the narrative correct.

    Why are you so certain Kamala Harris won’t be the next president? Based on your own analysis, it seems she has a better than 50/50 chance.

  2. Jack I tagged you(Rogans producer) on Twitter about VDH going on Rogan we will c, but after todays podcast you asking VDH to call his pal Thomas Sowell I cant think of a better conversation to listen to than my 2 heros VDH-TSOWELL wow I look forward to that POD

    great work Jack VDH SAMI

    we love you all GODBLESS YOU AND YOURS

    1. When do we move from truth to action? Talk talk talk. Are we capable as a nation to have more Mike Lindells, Trumps, who create jobs and grow from inner synergy?


    Four books to add to my reading list!
    Thanks for the tip, Professor!

    (Strange, though-a couple of quick web searches, and I still haven’t found reference to Daniel Greenfield’s book, even on his website. Have to keep looking…)

    1. I also found several “Domestic Enemies” but none by Greenfield.
      VDH receives advance copies. Maybe this one was an early author copy.

  4. stephen collier

    I’m a new subscriber and I’m really enjoying listening to all your podcasts and reading all your articles. Than you for all you do for this country!

  5. I’m just a big fan of Prof. Hanson. I’m an academic type, and I wish I could lecture with that kind of organization and relevance to the audience.
    Question: Do you use the mnemonic methods from Ad Herennium? Another classic that should have changed the education system centuries ago!

  6. Victor. I think we still have meritocracy, it’s just now ideological now performance based. What do you think?

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