No One Worries about the Tlaxcalans and Other Ironies

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine whether China will invade Taiwan, reparatory admissions degenerate the culture and standards of the university, Tlaxcalans marginalized by the Aztecs, Google-AI as good as its programmers, and rebuilding a barn.

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4 thoughts on “No One Worries about the Tlaxcalans and Other Ironies”

  1. I think Victor’s mic might be a bit hot and clipping.. It’s coming through a little muddy on the playback. Love the content! thanks!

  2. Another fascinating conversation on history and some politics.
    Thank you VDH and Jack.

    Hopefully, we never have to experience today’s version of the Tlaxcalans on us. Although the elite of both coasts, Hollywood, and the media deserve do deserve some of that wrath.
    Just 8-months to go.

  3. James Delzell

    At 76 I am still eager for new knowledge. Although I have read various fiction and non-fiction about Aztecs, the Tlaxcalans were new knowledge and I am grateful.

    Also, VDH often refers to two Greek words for representing the difference between what someone says they believe and what they actually do. I believe the second word “sounds like “ profassis. I am one of those people who needs to read (see) things to remember them. Could someone share them in an email response?

  4. Your theory as to why woke ideology won’t be affecting the hard sciences through AI is interesting.
    (they have just as much to lose by destroying the hard sciences as we do) But although I’m not yet scared of AI as some, I’m afraid I can’t share your enthusiasm that somehow the hard sciences will be spared the woke insanity that the humanities now openly spews.

    I attended the Cal State system in the ’80s. I witnessed the embryonic stage of what today we call “woke ideology” in the dark, hidden corners of the humanities department. Whenever it would occasionally poke it’s head into the sunlight, it was quickly pushed back. At the time, I and others assumed that it would stay that way as the ideas central to the ideology were somewhere between absurd and simply insane and could never survive in the open light of day.

    Boy we we wrong.

    Today, just look how the hard sciences have been perverted, first with consensus “climate science”, and then with COVID. After we figured out the obvious over 3 years ago, just the other day the CDC finally came out and said we could treat COVID just like a cold or flu. At the very same time, there are still people fighting to bring mandatory masking back.

    Google tipped their hand with the absurd DEI-derived graphics thing. I see little reason why the power hungry will be able to resist the urge to meddle in the hard sciences if it means achieving a larger political goal.

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