No Dumb Questions – Victor Davis Hanson

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4 thoughts on “No Dumb Questions - Victor Davis Hanson”

  1. Here’s a couple of dumb questions out of left field –

    1) Do you know of any good books about the Weimar Republic, or maybe more generally, do you have an opinion about the scholarship regarding the rise of the Nazis?
    2) Have you seen any betting markets covering the Russo-Ukraïne War?

  2. Charles Carroll

    Vis-a-vis Latin pronunciation, I was told that the use of the hard “W” and “C” were hallmarks of patricians in Rome and that the Catholic Church “V” and soft “C” were hallmarks of the plebeian classes who were the people who first adopted Christianity. Also that, since there wasn’t a “J” available, Caesar would have pronounced his own name as, phonetically, YULIUS KAISAR.

  3. Michael Singer

    If the Republicans gain the majority. “IF”. They need to drop the Marquess of Queensberry Rules rules and go uber on Democrats within 1 inch of their life.


    @40:37 Biden is a punk. That’s what we would have called him at my high school. He talks tough, but he’s not. And it’s just dumb luck that a punk hasn’t gotten his ass kicked yet.
    Unfortunately, when Biden does run into the wrong person, it’s not only his ass that’s on the line, but ours as well.

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