New Old Talking Points for the Dems

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss the reasons for the accusations of a Trump Coup in 2024 by the Left and then talk about Russia’s strategy on the Ukrainian border.

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9 thoughts on “New Old Talking Points for the Dems”

  1. I really enjoyed this discussion. I had to laugh about your dog running around and you struggling to catch him. My dog actually seems to love your podcasts. I listen to them on my lap top & he always gets up from his bed & lays right next to my computer while you are talking. When the podcast ends he goes back to his bed.

  2. VDH is angry here and he repeats a lot of older points – and I love it! – I will never get tired of listening to VDH staying focussed and never loosing his sense of reality. I had a really bad day from all the stuff happening in Europe. Then I listened to VDH and I feel sane again. Wonderful! From my heart thank you. I would also like to praise VDHs interlocutors highly, Sami Winc and Jack Fowler. They do brilliant work gently handling this volcano. It is very much appreciated. Kind regards Jacob

  3. Democrats always accuse the other side of doing what ther, themselves are doing. And so it is with claims the Republicans are trying to steal the next election.

  4. That nirvana intro and jingle is just straight out horrible, and that’s coming for a 29 year old. Love the content but please for the love of god get better jingles, like classical music or something.

  5. Thanks for letting us (and Sami) know about the dog. You were getting pretty heated there (for a Swede), and I was wondering if you’d end off with ” and you will know that I am the lord when I lay down my fuuuuuuuurious vengeance! “. That, or transform into a giant jabberwocky and lumber off to soberly and judiciously destroy the Tower District.

  6. Please find a professional guitar player who can play properly the lick to the Hollies song: “Long Cool Woman”. Perhaps cut to the chase – shorten your intro – and get Victor online sooner.

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