New Covid Vaccine Study and Happy Thanksgiving

On this episode, join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler as they discuss a new study on Covid vaccines that show what most people already suspected, and learn a little bit about Victor’s Thanksgiving history.

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18 thoughts on “New Covid Vaccine Study and Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Ten days after my 2nd Moderna shot, I was in a local cardiac ICU with Bradycardia (pulse 30bpm). I could barely walk a few steps. I’d had 24/7 A-Fib for several years before the Covid vaccines, with never a hint of Bradycardia. So, I blame the 2nd Moderna shot for nearly killing me. A pacemaker was inserted while I was in the hospital, and life has been pretty good since.

    1. Robert,

      Sorry to hear of your adverse reaction to the Moderna vaccine. I hope you’re recovering and feeling better.

      I’m not a doctor, but I have graduated from nursing school. One of the patients I worked with was an elderly female with A-Fib. She had become tachycardic (her HR was over 160 bpm). She was prescribed Propranolol, which is a Beta Blocker med., to get her HR down to normal limits.

      Propranolol can cause bradycardia, so I’m wondering if this may have been the cause of your bradycardia if it was prescribed to you.

      I don’t mean to invade your medical privacy, so if you’re not comfortable discussing this I will entirely understand.

      Sincerely, Ron Nixon

  2. 🙏🏻🇺🇸🦃
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING MR. HANSEN! May God Bless you & your Family. I listen to you all the time 😊. From a Pasadena girl who moved to Idaho. Lol, your the smartest man in the room!

  3. Surprised that there was no author, title, date or source mentioned by Jack Fowler related to your conversation with him about adverse effects of Covid vaccination.
    Could these necessary elements of citation be supplied by you or him?
    There is no way to evaluate any conclusions stated or drawn without them.

    1. Mr. Fowler stated that links to the study were placed in facebook and x/twitter.
      I don’t do facebook. I don’t do x/twitter. What other options are available?

  4. Hi victor, can you talk about our current top brass in the military. If we have any generals like Patton to lead us in ww3. I don’t really understand the structure, but from googling it, it sounds depressing. Thank you

  5. I was hoping for real evidence on this issue of vaccines and covid deaths. But not here. No one with an MD degree took part in this study on covid vaccines, plus the lead researcher has many associated scandals — see

    Here’s the study (the origins of which were never mentioned on the VDH podcast) —

    Just seems like gloaming on to any so-called “news” is a poor way to build a case about the vaccines. Need solid and reputable scientific data.

  6. Victor – Thank you for sharing about your family and experiences growing up. Children bring joy to a family and we wish that they could always be there. It was interesting to learn more about farm life and eucalyptus trees.

  7. The mRNA inoculations are likely to ultimately be found to be of negative benefit, particularly for those who weren’t afflicted with comorbidities. And it is likely that there were deaths in the younger population that should have been attributed to the vaccine. But the greater scandal was the intentional withholding of effective therapies in order to justify the Experimental Use Authorization. The campaigns against the use of HQC and Ivermectin that were waged by our “public health” authorities were unprecedented, as were the licensure revocations of doctors who prescribed these drugs. These actions will poison medical practice in the US for generations. The powers of state and federal agencies are still being used to silence informed opinion that is contrary to the narrative. And the mandated “vaccinations” of our military personnel were done with an experimental drug in violation of the law. This was done by simply relabeling the “vaccines”. The requisite long-term studies were never conducted. The whole thing is disgraceful. It reflects the moral collapse at the very highest levels in our government. And these evil people continue to double-down on their failures. The very laws and procedures that were supposed to protect us have been subverted and used to hide the truth.

  8. Anthony Boccanfuso

    Hello Gentlemen
    Loved your Thanksgiving Holiday stories. Jack you may resemble the next remark. I would always enjoy bringing girls over for a family holiday in the Old Country (Brooklyn). These women had no idea the amount of food we were about to receive. Starts with the first course, Italian cold cuts, rice balls, lard bread fresh cheese, stuffed hot peppers, stuffed artichokes, fried cauliflower and much more. Clear that away now comes the two types of macaroni, one simple and one more complex (baked ziti, stuffed shells, lasagna) along with meatballs, brasciole, sweet/ hot sausage. Take that away and bring out fennel, nuts fruit. At this point my guest turns to me and says “that was the best meal I ever had, I might not eat for a week”, “is this dessert”? I turn to my sweet and laugh, now we are just warming up. Play some cards at the table , walk out for a smoke. Now comes the serious food, thanksgiving turkey (as a child I would prep our family turkey in the shop, it was always a beast), along with a stuffed breast of veal that would look like something out of the Flintstones and all the sides. Now comes the dessert , in our family the only course not make from scratch, all Italian cakes and pastries purchased that morning. My Mom or Aunt now asks the food shocked woman if she wants coffee or American coffee? I smile. Then comes the question “why didn’t you warn me”? that my dear would take the fun out of it.
    Tony Boccanfuso Wilton CT

  9. I’m not sure if you can tell by the Everything about Fowler’s reportage re the Covid vaccines being death shots is bulls***……but it’s bulls***.

    The issue is so simply solved. No mandates. Don’t want the jab? DON’T take it.

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