Never Let a Plague Go To Waste

Plague preventive costume of a doctor in 17th century. Our masks and social distancing seem as useful. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness

During America’s first-ever national lockdown, thousands of unelected bureaucrats, as well as federal and state governments, assumed enormous powers not usually accorded them. 

They picked and chose which businesses could stay open without much rationale. They sent the infected into rest homes occupied by the weak and vulnerable. 

Their rules of prosecuting those who violated social distancing, sheltering in place, mask-wearing, or violent protesting hinged on political grounds. Their spending bills on “infrastructure” and “health care” were excuses to lard up redistributive entitlements. 


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1 thought on “Never Let a Plague Go To Waste”

  1. Never let a plague go to waste
    we’ve heard this over and over ….we know the story
    yet there is no push back by the conservative minority…
    Is there no one conservative that can take a bad situation and use it
    or reverse it and use it to the advantage of conservatives?
    Conservatives seem to always be a day late and a dollar short.
    I actually think most conservatives don’t mind the liberal agenda
    they want to sit on the sidelines and cry and pretend but deep down they don’t mind
    the socialist movement

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