Munitions, Immigration and Greek Lyric Poetry

Victor Davis Hanson’s weekend edition with Sami Winc begins with US munition shortages, immigration madness and Biden voters jumping ship, and ends with a discussion of Greek lyric poetry and western civilization.

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12 thoughts on “Munitions, Immigration and Greek Lyric Poetry”

  1. Good listening. I may have already given you this reply, forgive me if I reiterate. Joe Biden is inept, senile and corrupt. Trump is a Baffoon . Trey Gowdy said: “I hope America gets the government it deserves someday, and I hope I’m alive to see It”.
    Regards to you and Sami, RS

    1. This pathetic comment in the face of REAL tyranny and unconstitutional police state. I don’t know what a “Baffoon” is, but I know a buffoon when one chooses to illiterate. A soggy diaper over Mr. DeSantis’ possibly corrupt and buffoonish campaign, perhaps?

    2. Robert, even Trump’s most rabid critics no longer call him a “buffoon”. Wake-up, he is hardly that.

      1. Noticed you write comments on several podcasts and also reply to other readers comments, so you are a follower or perhaps a devotee of VDH. Do you any opinion when Victor stated that Trump was “bombastic in his behavior “? What were your thoughts when Victor stated: “Pehaps what we need is Trumpism without Trump”? Let me give you significant reasons why I don’t like trump, I’ll be brief. He thinks 0% or negative interest rates are fine. He does not favor and thinks fiduciary rule should be abolished. He never repealed the rule that allowed companies to buyback their stocks, which they couldn’t do before Reagan. He added almost 8 trillion dollars to the national debt. Frequently he makes statements that are ridiculous. I could continue. I don’t think calling Trump a buffoon was incorrect. Remember the aphorism about: “If it quacks like a duck etc.”

    3. Robert,

      Writing off Trump with the hackneyed “he’s a buffoon” line of attack is failing to resonate with most Americans given the stark contrast between his record as president and Joe Biden’s.

      I believe the new calumny is “Trump is an insurrectionist and, ergo, a threat to democracy .” This, of course, is pretty rich coming from Joe Biden who has instructed the DOJ and FBI to target parents as domestic terrorists for criticising CRT at school board meetings, to surveille conservative Catholics who attend Latin masses, and to indict a former president and political rival in an election year.

      If Trump loses in November, and he very well could, his tweets and other buffoonish behavior will be irrelevant.

  2. If they’ll buy it back DO IT! If you own an Eco that you can’t return – DON’T READ THIS. The Ram eco’s have an annoying, excessively loud turbo CHIRP. Owned 2x 2016 Ram 1500 eco 4xs with the Fiat 6 eng. Both, along with many others I tested after noticing the sound, had the chirp. Got rid of them and now drive a ’17 Ram 2500 6.7 Turbo 4x Cummins. The same chirp but lower drowned over by the Cummins engine sound so NOT annoying. In fact sounds monstrously cool. So, 17MPG vs like 23 in the Eco if I remember right. Love the Cummins eng, hated the Fiat. See ya.

  3. Perhaps tow the truck, don’t drive it.
    Get a receipt or similar from the workshop, that includes the odometer reading, saying the repairs are complete. Let them start it and take the risk.

  4. Ron “Belisarius” DeSantis: Only a smart, calm, civil and fair ex-military man can save Pax Americana – at least for another generation. The threat of cultural, social, economic and armed brute barbarians are everywhere and the looming chaos if either Biden or Trump is elected is palpable. Hailey is shill for the neo-cons and Kennedy can’t do it as an Independent. Ron is our only hope. Common early X’ers, No time for complacency – Beat on the brat with a baseball bat!

    1. Agree Greg. However DeSantis doesn’t seem to “light it up” when he speaks, but his actions are much bigger and stronger than words. For the idiots that won’t pay attention to substance, or actions, or what he has accomplished as governor, he’s going to need to smile more, possibly tell a joke or two, to get some likeability going in order for them to vote for him. Unfortunately, in 2024 the President has become more of a popularity contest, whatever the mainstream media narrative is and not much based on substance.

  5. VDH, California’s Lemon Law may apply here. If so, my understanding is they have to take back the vehicle. Good Luck.

  6. Victor…get what you can for your truck….take your money to nearest chevy dealership and buy a new chevy truck…a gas powered…black…4 wheel drive chevy truck…..then a zen -like feeling of peace will encapsulate your mind…..followed shortly by waves of happiness and joy.

    Wisconsin friends.

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