Modern Tribalism Wounds America

VDH on how globalization and tribalism hurts the value of democracy today, especially when we look at the complication of modern geopolitical uncertainties.

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3 thoughts on “Modern Tribalism Wounds America”

  1. Thanks Victor for explaining why Israeli border defense failed in the Hamas attack. It made sense.

    Your analysis on Ukraine supporter’s contradiction / hypocritical views on Israel was brilliant. I just wish America could defend its own border and it’s not so damn broke.

    I feel that your talks are better when you are interviewed by different people. It has been a while. I thought this one was great. Maybe it’s how the interviewer frame the question. That’s my 2 cents. 

  2. Thank you for putting these interviews on the website that we would not have access to otherwise. Great interview. I can’t get enough of Dr. Hanson’s insightful call commentary.

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