Military Matters and FBI Racket

In this weekend episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc dive deep into the significance of China’s spy balloon, the Persian Wars, and FBI corruption.

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26 thoughts on “Military Matters and FBI Racket”

  1. Thanks for the interesting podcasts. Actually, we DO know we can detect and eliminate threats similar to the initial large Chinese spy balloon. As far as USAF aircraft that can fly and fight at altitudes above 50kft, it’s important to note this balloon was successfully shot down at 64kft. So yes, the Raptor is a good example of that capacity. Two issues with using the gun for balloons are 1) high closure rates hinder a steady firing solution and 2) at very high altitudes, the aircraft wants to operate at high speeds for energy reasons, sometimes above the gun’s operating limits.
    I’m guessing the payloads on the other 3 were well under 10 lb and they were probably educational/hobby in nature. Whether we detect those or not has little to no bearing on national security.
    I believe the AIM-9’s primary guidance is from the infrared part of the spectrum. While not a bloom like a jet fighter exhaust, there was still evidently enough thermal contrast. It turns out the gases warm up significantly through a solar cycle for high altitude airships, for example. Of course, electrical power sources can generate heat, also.

  2. VDH, just listened to your broadcast. Stunned at the amount of knowledge you shared in 90 +/- minutes. As someone approaching 76, you are the most knowledgeable 69 year old I ever heard!
    While terrified at the prospect of where the Chinese Communist Party might be taking us, I am hopefully that brilliant patriots like you may be able to wake our country up in time. Keep drinking that hydrogen water: we need you at full strength! “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat its mistakes”. Keep educating people about our history, so that hopefully we survive.

    1. To Mr. Conners and Mr. Hansen: good post, but beware those hanging participles ! You approaching 76, not Mr. Hansen.

  3. This was fun. I know a lot of those kings’ names from the Bible. Victor don’t say you’re ancient. I’m 12 years your senior and don’t feel so old. And I’m still working too. It keeps us young! 😃

  4. We have a balloon gap, oh my. You mean we can’t take down their balloons with one of our balloons. Like letting the air out of one of our balloons as we did as a child. And were concerned about debris. When we explode a quarter million dollar missile in the vicinity of a balloon. That perhaps costs 50K. I’m reminded of Serbia, where we would drop a half million dollar of smart bombs. On a candle under a tent. Which happened to resemble the heat of a tank. Not too bright. But then again that’s what we do.

  5. Even better, all of those folks we put together to study electronic emissions and locate them. Can’t figure out how that darn thing is controlled. Moving up and down between various layers of jet stream to relocate themselves. And for that matter didn’t Iran or Serbia, deceive one of our drones. Causing it to crash where it could be recovered and analyzed. So why aren’t we in the inside of one side or the other? That has to be someone’s job. From people to technology? Just as it was for COVID?

  6. Great format. The discussion of the Chinese Balloon, it certainly shows our weakness under the current Administration. A beautiful and interesting presentation on the Persian wars, very informative. Finally the FBI…..yes, what would they not do. Thanks again for a wonderful podcast.

  7. Apologies for an uber-picayune observation: Our noted and esteemed philologist is not a very accurate linguist, as evidenced by the constant (and annoying) mispronunciation of two common words; CAVALRY (“calvary???” – the mountain upon which Christ died?), and NUCLEAR/NUCLEUS (“nu-que-lar???”/”nu-que-lus???”). New-“KLE”-ur!

    We love you anyway, Dr. Hanson, even when your foibles are showing!

  8. Victor,

    The third part is so upsetting when you hear all the things that these people have done to try to get rid of Donald Trump and to “rule this country”. Please, keep speaking up and making all that you discuss available to as many people as possible. If more would listen, our country would not be the way it is.

  9. Victor, Thank you! First heard you on Fox/Tucker, and like many others, looked forward to hearing from you ever since. Not that I was able to digest all your info. Then found your website …

    Wonderful, I’m dumbfounded at the amount of information, thirsty for your clear down to earth analysis, it’s so desperately needed.

    Seriously, have you considered running for President?

  10. Thank you Victor. Agree with your assessment of the FBI, CIA, etc. Center of the country
    a great location for hdqrts. Loved your history lesson! You are not old, you are wise!
    71 year old patriotic here!

  11. The end justifies the means…
    The Constitution is just a piece of paper and the proletariat will always be a problem.
    COVID was invented to promulgate mail in voter fraud and reinstate the long standing swamp bureaucratic Biden crime family, et al.
    Hence; more corruption, ineptitude, illegals, drugs, crime, debt, inflation, race baiting and debauchery.
    Right up until the collapse of the “empire”.

      1. It would be wonderful if we could go back to the way it originally was in pre-wilsonian times when U.S. senators were selected by their respective state legislatures. Our Founders intended them to be lobbyists for their states. That has all been lost with them being selected by popular vote.

        While we are on the subject of amending the constitution I would like to briefly state what I believe would be the single, greatest step toward cleaning up this corrupt governmental mess we find ourselves in.

        That is limiting political contributions for a specific candidate to individuals that can legally vote for that candidate, and subject individual contributions to some reasonable limitation. No more corporate or union contributions. They should be able to keep lobbyists but take their check books away. Why keep the lobbyists you might ask? Simply because legislatures need input from those their laws will effect. The lobbyists strength will come from the voting constituents they represent.

        Imagine how this would cramp George Soro’s nefarious objectives. His DA’s would need to raise money within their jurisdictions. I think it highly unlikely such ultra radicals would be elected under these circumstances. Also, it would probably be a goodbye to Rep. Omar.

        Just imagine having Congresspeople that would have to listen to their constituents because their funding is limited to them.

        It would not make our system perfect, but I believe it would be an ENORMOUS step in that directions.

    1. Inventing Covid seems like a ton of work just to get Trump out of office. His choices for various offices also shows that the “swamp creatures” will still doing just fine during Trump’s administration.

  12. Love the new format that introduces a history of key conflicts across history. It is a dream come true: for a small annual fee I get amazing summaries and context about historical wars from the great VDH. Only thing better is a Time Machine allowing me to go and sit in your classes when you were a FT prof/lecturer. I hope your students realize how lucky they were.

  13. VDH why do you assume in this podcast that the FISA judge(s) was/were duped?

    We have learned as time went on how thoroughly our once trusted government agencies have been corrupted by people that do not give a hoot for our constitution. Rather, their creed is “the end justifies the means”, as you have stated on numerous occasions. Why could our FISA judges not subscribe to this same creed? I am not saying they have, but I don’t think we should just assume that they are not.

    We know we have ultra liberal judges legislating from the bench, right? Why not on the FISA bench?

    What makes me even more suspicious of them is their silence during all these shameful FBI revelations. I would think they would have been outraged that they were lied to in order to secure a warrant. I have read no hint of an outrage from them, if they are. I would think they would have gone public with their disdain, but they have not.

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