Mexico and White Supremacy

Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc on the state of Mexico and our Mexican immigrants. Then they address the current trend to slurring people with “White Supremacy” — where does it come from and what does it mean?

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16 thoughts on “Mexico and White Supremacy”

  1. Gareth D. Noren

    Thank you Victor, “White Supremacy”. “One thing is certain : the phenomenon represented by Hitler is not a mischance which, once overcome, will not return in some other form. It is a consequence of mistakes which humanity has made, and if they are made again there will come a new edition of Hitlerism or Fascism, involving the same perils and the same sufferings. Hence the urgency, as it seems to me, of the comprehensive study of this problem.” THE RAPE OF THE MASSES THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL PROPAGANDA by Serge Chakotin (French) 1939, who analyses and strongly critiques the effect of Nazi propaganda on the psychology of the masses. VB, G

  2. Gerald Michael

    I like it when Dr. Hanson reminds us of Democrat insults –“deplorables, clingers, chumps…” –hurled at the white working class, often with attribution, Hillary, Obama, etc. However, he always forgets Jerry Brown’s use of “troglodytes” and cave dwellers: “You should check out the derivation of ‘Trump-ite’ and ‘troglodyte,’ because they both refer to people who dwell in deep, dark caves,” (Brown;’17). We need to be reminded of their condescension– and often.

  3. Charles Carroll

    Myra Flores did not win a primary. She won a special election to replace a Democrat congressman who quit for a lobbying job. She flipped the Democrat seat and is now the Congressman-elect for the 34th Congressional District of Texas. Married to a Border Patrol agent, she is a respiratory therapist born in Burgos, Mexico.

  4. Re: what created the bicoastal elite:

    I think Victor finally nailed the whole “Christless Quaker” thing word for word. It’s the perfect description of the Yankee elite (at their worst) in this Yankee’s opinion. Way to go!

  5. Happy Father’s Day, Professor Hanson. I hope you have a great day. Thank you for all you do.

  6. James Worthington

    Victor, I enjoy your work, but talking about race really shows you at your weakest. I can’t fathom how you can grow up in the school you did, witness the demographic replacement of your hometown, write Mexifornia, live in a 90%+ Hispanic community, pick up trash dumped in your vineyards etc. and still cling to asinine blank-slatism (i.e. that we’re all born equal, with the exact same potential as one another).

    The left is winning because they have called out the pleasant lie of blank slatism at the heart of Americana – they’ve noticed that RACE IS REAL, and that racial differences are real. That fact is absolutely correct. Their conclusion drawn from it of course is not – that “white supremacy,” i.e. any time whites (or Asians) do better in any category than POCs it’s due to latent “racism” on the part of white people.

    The reality is that there are racial differences when it comes to intelligence (and violence/criminality), because like many human characteristics, intelligence is heritable and subject to evolutionary pressure. Charles Murray reported on this decades ago. No amount of dumping your precious free market capitalism on that problem is going to raise black children’s SAT scores to the same level as white or Asian kids. Until we can be honest about this the left will forever have fuel in their tank to preach about “equity,” about an evil white bogeyman holding down black children’s potential. (1/4)

    1. James Worthington

      Speaking of free market capitalism, how’s that going for you right about now anyway? Have all your favorite corporations changed their logos to rainbows and published ads celebrating Juneteenth and all the wonderful, only positive things that black culture gives to our country in spite of those wicked old white people continually trying to destroy them? When’s the last time you saw a plain white couple/family in a commercial, unless it’s a home security system ad with a white guy committing a burglary against a pristine, terrified black family?

      Putting your hopes on the “based” 2nd/3rd+ gen Hispanics is also misplaced in my experience. I married a 2nd-generation Mexican girl. She’s the real deal, but like most normal folks (and this goes doubly for women) she just goes along with whatever the mainstream NPC thing is (BLM, etc.). Her young cousins who are going to college meanwhile are being completely indoctrinated into the anti-white hatred that is so common at universities now – calling white people colonizers, palm-skins, etc.

      These kids’ 1st-gen parents are not the stalwart defenders of morality that you seem to think. For one thing they typically broke the law to come here; for another they have at best a middle school level education, speak broken English, and are hardly equipped to argue with college professors at (supposedly) top-tier academic institutions. (2/4)

  7. James Worthington

    What would even be their motivation to do so – to defend whitey? If I moved to Japan, I would probably be doing so because I loved Japanese culture, and I would have a motivation to defend Japanese people and culture over there if they were under internal attack. In my experience Hispanic immigrants to America do not have this motivation whatsoever. They live in insulated Mexican communities, hang out with other immigrants, often don’t bother to learn English, and essentially have little interest in extant Americans or our culture; they simply do not have the theory of mind to put themselves in a white person’s shoes that would be required to mount a defense of us (if they even wanted to, which they don’t). Their objective is to make more money than they could in Mexico, live comfortably here, and hopefully be able to send remittances to their relatives back home.

    Now, you seem to think that this is all old hat, that this is the way Irish and Italians (Sicilians) assimilated and whatever. I don’t see it that way at all – post-1965 immigration is VERY different from the Ellis Island immigration that you’re drawing comparisons to. Charles Murray’s latest book “Facing Reality” is a good read on this. Even “Mexican” immigration today is very different compared to previous waves, due to the very low white admixture in the people coming over – they’re more “indio” than castizo (which I think you may have touched on). Spoiler: this admixture tends to have lower intelligence. (3/4)

    1. James Worthington

      But conveniently they are browner, which will make it easier to blame whitey when they achieve lesser success.

      Victor, you like to talk about “luxos” (?) and the destruction of America due to luxury and overindulgence. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re clinging to a luxury conservative belief system that doesn’t work with today’s American reality. It may have been a useful model in days past, but it simply can’t run on modern American demographics. In the same way that demographic replacement in Zimbabwe or South Africa was unable to simply turn a key and keep running the social and economic engine that was built by European people there.

      The founders didn’t actually believe that all men are equal from the womb, much less black people (read what they wrote!). Free market capitalism, far from saving America, is an accelerant in its demise by gleefully spreading the most virulent strains of progressivism. I could go on.

      If you’re serious about grappling with these racial issues I’d love to see you have a discussion with someone like Jared Taylor at AmRen. (4/4)

      1. James Harrington

        Thank you, mr. Worthington, for that lengthy screed and the refreshing reminder of what a racist actually is and that they do still live in the United States. Now, having done that service, go launder your bed sheets and never get near me or my mine. Being ethically Celtic and related to by marriage to an African American family worth ten of you and yours my and my family’s inate racial makeup may manifest in ways you wouldn’t like…

        1. James Worthington

          James, what year are you living in buddy? Have you watched the news lately? The west can’t get enough of “white supremacy” and “racism.” The west has fully awoken to the idea of race being real. Only, it’s in terms of only saying bad things about white people, and only saying good things about everybody else. You’re so out of touch you don’t realize that your antiquated colorblindness makes you a white supremacist in the eyes of the dominant culture, and neither your ignorance nor your inlaws (the “I have a black friend” defense) will protect you from the mob when it’s baying at your door.

  8. You are describing Urban Dictionary: Baizuo
    Baizuo(白左,White Leftists)is a popular Mainland Chinese term coined for a specific subset of Westerners who are despised by most Chinese for their pretentiousness, hypocritical behavior and an overbearing sense of entitlement. Baizuos are mostly characterized by their heavy use of political correctness and double standards to covertly advance their own material or emotional interests

    Lot of them here on the East Coast too. ..

  9. Here in Texas, Tejanos have been on this land for hundreds if not thousands of years. The name of their land, culture, technology and political entity in power continues to evolve: Apache, Comanche, Tonkawa, Karankawa, Kickapoo, Caddo, Spanish, Mexican, Texican, Texan, American…the border moves, the technology changes and the culture evolves, but the Tejano people and their home are one.

    1. James Worthington

      If by “the culture evolves” you mean at least half the people on that list trying to murder each other, and chase each other away from the land. The Comanche came very close to 100% “evolving the culture” when it came to the Apache. There’s no ancient “Tejano” people or culture, these are different peoples coming and going – and sure, sometimes mixing. But you could point to any singular piece of dirt and observe peoples coming and going across it over time, that doesn’t make all those people “clod-of-dirters” culture

  10. I’m scared for the country’s future. Other day I went to buy greeting card for fathers day on the shelf. There was subsection with “Black” cards. once I read and walked away, then went back to make sure I had seen correctly, “Judge the content of your character AND the Color of your skin,” and on inside, “You have both correct.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

    1. James Worthington

      Do what I do – flip them all around. Or, if you want to get really adventurous in the Barnes and Noble, when you’re tying your shoe, you might accidentally trip and fall into the anti-white displays and knock everything over. Ooops! Clumsy me…

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