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  1. Victor’s comment on Robert Bartley and his support of open borders was mirrored by Mark Steyn’s comments about a week ago. He was discussing the role of columnists in building readership of newspapers and mentioned that he had a humorous miscommunication that ended up with his interview with Bartley being scheduled on a Saturday morning. He confirmed that Bartley was a supporter of open borders.

    Coincidentally I have had several occasions where the consequences of open borders on my neighbors were related to me. I often say hello to a neighbor who enjoys driving around with a Trump flag on his ATV. I asked him who he thought were the best presidents in our history. I expected Trump to be number one, but was surprised by his second choice of JFK. I asked him about Reagan, and he said the amnesty that Reagan arranged had ruined the country. I didn’t ask him why this was so important, but in speaking with another neigbbor I found that the influx of low-wage, illegal workers had drastically changed the local economy in the early 1990s. Families that had been supported by gathering ornamental brush for florists (Baby’s Breathe, for example) were driven out of business by the incoming cheap labor. A few of their friends prospered greatly when they became employers of large crews of the new labor, but most were not so inclined. And the new business model was not without risk. Immigration laws were still enforced, and the crews were at risk of arrest with fines for their employers.

  2. Guys like Bill Mayer are the same people who stoke the mob and then try to disown them in order to say “Not my Fault” right before the stuff hits the fan. Disingenuous cowards who speak before they think.

  3. Milton Friedman did say that you cannot have open borders and a welfare state.

    You also described the story “Harrison Bergeron’ from the leftist Kurt Vonnegut’s Welcome to the Monkey House very well today without mentioning it by name.

  4. My father was discriminated against because he was Jewish in the 1930’s and 40’s by the same institutions that discriminated against me in the 1970’s (I was a member of a minority but not an ‘under-represented’ minority, ie some animals are more equal than others) and against my son in the 2000’s. So truthfully, how far has the US come in terms of civil rights?
    The sum total of all leftist revolutions on this earth has been the substitution of the oppression of one group for the oppression of another.

  5. My sister is a self made millionaire; the over achieving accounting superstar & MBA from Vandy. And I hang on her every word. She teaches me (the tv news photog) constantly. And one thing she has taught me about ignorance: “ya don’t know what you don’t know!”. And when your eyes are opened, when the lights click on…Oh Holy God…

    That’s why VDH makes me feel so rich. I pay so little for the 24kt instruction on the way things are, and the way one should try to be as an individual. I love him for makin me rich!

  6. The fact we have a President that is pathological liar when’s also senile makes one wonder…what happens if China or whoever pushes the nuclear button, or quick takeover of Taiwan. Will this man be able to react in a split second or does he hesitate and doom the American people?
    On another note, Dr. McCullough is showing real true grit on the Covid front by telling the truth through data. He would make an excellent guest on your podcast. They (the left and Medical boards)have essentially destroyed his career but that guy is not backing down. One wonders if their will ever be Justice for the ones (Fauci and the gang) that lied/denied about cheap treatments and left us with this Godforsaken vaccine… or the hundreds of thousands were forced to the vent and died (might as well have been the gas chamber) when simpler fixes were available .

    Mark from Colorado

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