Martha’s Vineyard, Ron DeSantis, and John Ford

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler in a conversation revealing Martha’s Vineyard elitism, Ron DeSantis’ prospects, and VDH’s commentary on the three best Westerns.

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23 thoughts on “Martha's Vineyard, Ron DeSantis, and John Ford”

  1. My my how every one is now wanting to throw Trump on the scrap heap and go all in with DeSantis. If it was not for Trump there would be no MAGA movement. Hillary Clinton would still be President. This is typical of squish Republicans . They have no loyalty

    1. John, I am as solid red as one can get and I don’t want President Trump to run-/why?—because he will lose and we can’t lose! The stakes are too great—we cannot lose. I love what Trump but We have to move the country forward with a tough but measured leader. DeSantis has proven his toughness and executive ability. He does not pull punches but he doesn’t leave people bloody when he has already won the match. We are on the same side—believe me. I honor Trump for his service and the abuse that he took for me, but his time has past.

        1. Trumpisourpresident

          That is so narrow minded. Do you know what devolution is? Or COG /PEADS? Study up. You are merely seeing part of the picture.

        1. Trumpisyourpresident

          Absolutely, positively WRONG! YOUVE BEEN PLAYED BY THE LINCOL PEDO PROJECT/RYAN PSYOP TO DESTRIY TRUMP. Repent now, ye small-minded!!!

    2. President did wonderful things for our country and I love him for it. But a different person (ie: Ron DeSantis) with the same values, lots of grit, who is MUCH younger, is not a bad thing! In fact I think it is a Great I
      dea. Ron DeSantis 2024 and 2028!!!

    3. Trumpisourpresident

      Totally agree, John. These people should be ashamed of themselves. They are only seeing part of the picture.

  2. Michael M Mulligan

    I’m surprised VDH hasn’t noted this great achievement by Washington’s favorite with Nathan Green, David McCollough’s “1776”,
    “[New Yorkers]…magnificent…in their pride and conceit, which is inimitable, their profaneness and want of principle”
    Henry Knox, ltr to wife,1775

    P.S. George Stevens did Gunga Din too, decades before.

  3. Michael M Mulligan

    Mr. Hanson,

    I hoping you will reach out come on my radio program this Fall, 2022, starting after early November elections to talk “The Dying Citizen” project. We’ll have quite a umbrella reach that covers southern Pennsylvania to the land of the Amish and Mr. Biden’s northern Delaware hometown area.

    I posted today earlier in order to nurture your confidence in your antiquities assessment of Mr. Trump Knox had to have been well-read, as an owner of book stores in Boston and London in 1776.

    Full Disclosure: I’m one of the Trump Electoral College nominees that died on the N.J. vine in the great man’s first run for office. You may know Mr. J.R. Carman’s work here in the same part of southern new jersey; a place where a contemporaneous Tea Party occurred in Greenwich.

    Warmest regards to you and Mr. Fowler who is a perfect foil in you Blade of Perseus broadcasts.
    mike mulligan

  4. Wait. I thought Abbott was the first governor to ship migrants to democrat sanctuary cities, and in far larger number. The 50 Mr. DeSantis bused into Martha’s Vineyard also came from Texas, according to my yahoo news feed. Don’t know who to believe anymore. Why is Mr. DeSantis the courageous guy now? But, it’s kind of nice, if it’s true, that the democrat attack has shifted to Mr. DeSantis. Let see how he handle vicious attacks. I am open minded.

    I don’t understand why Victor keep banging the drum on racism. I thought he said it’s a class thing. If they are rich, and powerful, of course, they wouldn’t want any poor, homeless, and illegal in their backyard. Mr. Obama lives there. No one messes with his neighborhood!

  5. The elites have so much money and power that they cannot see hear or think about anything that its not advantageous to their lives. They always look for advantage, it is what they are accustomed to doing.


    Dr. Hanson,
    For several years the movie criticism aristocracy has claimed that “The Searchers” is the greatest western movie based upon the insight that it portrays John Wayne’s character and the West as racist. This is based upon the opinion of a much later French (what else) move critic who opined that it is really an indictment of American racism, in this case, against “indigenous peoples.” This viewpoint has been accepted in the academy and is the analysis in one of the current textbooks in colleges and universities on American film. I know because, some years ago, I took a graduate course in American Film at a local university and had to put up with this nonsense. I (being in my 60’s) spoke out against this interpretation and received absolute silence from my mid-twenties fellow students and the instructor. Kyle Smith of the National Review some years ago had a wonderful piece on this movie and criticdom’s current opinion. Might be a good topic for a future show or article.

    “Shane” is the best…but then there is “Stagecoach” and “My Darling Clementine.” When George Stevens filmed “Shane” he had been a filmmaker in the trenches in WWII and wanted the impact of a gunshot to be realistic, hence Wilson’s body’s reaction when shot by Shane.

    My wife and I enjoy so much your speaking engagements at Hillsdale and try to attend any time we can.

    Thanks for keeping some of us sane,
    John Wheeler

  7. Barbara Humphreys

    It’s pretty simple: Gander people are just better than Martha’s Vineyard people. No need to speculate, we have the proof by watching the behavior. Virtuous actions versus virtue signaling.

  8. Tahoe sounds like a lovely destination for a batch of uninvited guests.
    Is there an airport near Rep. Pelosi’s house as well?

    I have no problem with DeSantis. But if Trump is not at the top of the 2024 ticket, a Trump in the VP slot might just work. Kibbles for thought.

  9. I would like to see Mr. Hanson’s treatment of the idea that the middle class are being slowly but incontrovertibly transformed into serfs. He has mentioned feudalism before. Our corporations are becoming our new lords and masters. Cash won’t be outlawed but no one will accept it. Gas-powered vehicles don’t have to be outlawed just outlaw gas stations, you aren’t being forced to get the latest booster shot but you won’t be allowed to enter our grocery store without it, etc.

  10. Who’s virtue signaling now? Anyone paying attention knows that you are famously apoplectic about the undocumented immigrants in your community. And not because you’re chapped about California failing to solve the border problem. It’s because of your relentless, wild-eyed, racist Mexicans-are-criminals rants. I don’t know how the rest of your neighborhood feels about it, but to state the obvious, 20 to 30 folks on a lot has a little something to do with fruit picking, not some wholesome welcome wagon that doesn’t exist and never did. Get real.

    Yes, it’s a big problem that immigration in this country is a hot mess and no one state should bear the brunt. But sanctuary cities are not for “open borders.” (And of course…you already know that. Please stop feeding nonsense “open borders” one-liners to right wing nut jobs on TV.) But ICE raids and other fear and intimidation tactics were not only cruel…they were proven to be an ineffective deterrent to would-be border crossers. We need a real solution, not the same, old-timey dick moves that get us nowhere.

    If anyone in Martha’s Vineyard grasped her pearls when the Venezuelans landed, it is because those passengers were pawns – inhuman objects in a political stunt. They were lied to, manipulated onto a plane, and used to generate the emptiest thing in the world: publicity. Gross. Venezuelans are people, Victor. People who have children, who have feelings, who get hungry, who lose morale, who feel hopeful. What’s the matter with

  11. Must everyone agree with you and parrot your tired pet phrase “virtue signaling” to squeeze past the Comments Moderator Gestapo? I’ll keep it brief this time, Herr Web Comments Geheime Staatspolizei!

    • Sanctuary cities do not want “open borders.” You came up with that yourself.
    • They simply refuse to rely on measures like ICE raids—because they are proven to be ineffective, they are expensive, and they are cruel.
    • I think we can all agree that comprehensive immigration reform is badly needed. No one, dem or republican, seems to be able to get it done. There’s no cabal of pro-pandemonium elites lurking in a pizzeria basement though, sorry.
    • You are the elite. Must I really point that out to your sycophants? You are rich, obscenely well connected, and literally work in a tower.
    • Selma is not some virtuous immigrant welcome wagon. 20-30 people camp on one lot pick fruit in your farming community. That’s how you guys roll.
    • The Martha’s Vineyard stunt was meant to be the “gotcha” of the year. “See? You don’t want them either!” The fact that your mind works this way makes me so very sad for you. No one deserves to camp out on someone’s front lawn. They’re not animals. Venezuelans are human, true fact.

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