Mar-a-Lago Madness

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson explains the search of Mar-a-Lago and analyzes the significance with Sami Winc. He concludes with a short discussion of the 87,000 new IRS agents from the Inflation Reduction Act.

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24 thoughts on “Mar-a-Lago Madness”

  1. Trump is not an SOB. Those who attack him are the scumbags. Trump can and will take them down. Sadly, he is the only courageous person who can. When Trump is president again – Military recruitment will go up, crime will go down, illegals will stop crossing the border, deterrence and freedom will be restored. If you care about Americans and the world at large, you better pray that Trump will be President again. He is not an SOB. Please stop!

    1. Phil, I agree. By positing this repeatedly, as well as J6 scorn, the left’s over arching narrative is furthered. Many are falling into the DeSantis trap, when they should be asking why would DeSantis even flirt with running? Split the vote? Damage Trump into the general election, of there is one. Wherever the Bushies are found, there should be alarms raised. They are going to jail Trump, ramrod the elections ( if they are allowed to happen) and just like the last 2 years since the intelligence community’s coup, nobody’s gonna do a thing.

      1. Both? In a fantasy world my friend. They are pairs of opposites. Dig deeper into the MOTIVES of the Democrat Party and I believe you’ll see what I mean. So, if you’re confused, just vote for Trump, it’s in your best interest, and if you fear your friends will hate you, don’t tell them. Easy.

    2. Are you describing the Second Coming of Christ or a possible second Trump presidency? First, Trump lacks the Four Ponies of the ‘Pocalypse. Second, he’s an old man with a load of dirty laundry. What he could accomplish will depend on his health, his mental state (Joe from Scranton is a stark warning), what the Congress looks like, and what talent he can attract given he managed to alienate his entire former administration. Finally, the American People may feel that settling scores with the Progressives is a distraction from fixing the economy. Put not your trust in princes!

  2. Sami Winc is absolutely awful. Between the “yeah”s and the “innaresting”s I had to quit to listening to the VDH podcasts with her.

    1. Those little remarks are normal and function to keep the flywheel of a conversation going when one party is doing most of the talking. While we’re speaking about functional communication, could you think of a way to rephrase your objection to Ms. Winc’s communication style that isn’t needlessly rude and thus counterproductive if you want a change?

  3. I was shocked to hear that you supported Dick Cheney. My God. He should have faced a firing squad along with Bush, Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and the rest. Although you also gush about Reagan. All greedy, nasty, destructive people who have been eroding and attacking our country and others to enrich themselves. Just like the blathering, greasy people at National Review and the rest. So strange that you are puzzled by these creeps. They all get Chinese money, dark money and more. Anything for a buck. Corrupt, punks who have promoted, supported and orchestrated a steady decline of America for decades. Same with talk radio goons who want to keep their lucrative contracts going, along with side deals. All despicable characters. Selling out America and her citizens. They have been been eroding our country, attacking and stealing from our country for decades. Without President Trump our country would be finished. No one else has the brains, the heart, the goodwill, the decency, the honesty, the skill, the will, and the love for his country and people. He wants peace and prosperity for Americans and people around the world. He is the best president ever. ❤ I love him.❤

    1. Wow! So only Trump has ever passed the sniff test? How do you know he’s not in on the take if everyone else is? Like Victor, Trump is a former Democrat. He’s been a Republican for less time than Victor’s been an Independent. Heck, Trump used to be a pal of Hillary Clinton! Anyhow, people grow and change. Don’t be surprised if they had friends in the past that don’t match their current politics.

  4. Merrick Garland has been under intense pressure from Democrats to legitimize the Jan-6 witch hunt and show trial by creating indictments. The problem is that Trump committed no crime in his actions on 6-Jan and Garland knows there is no case. But the corrupt FBI and DOJ have proven many times that a crime can always be concocted as long as they are creative, willing to cheat and bound by no code of ethics. All they need is some vague accusation. Which is exactly what Garland has delivered here. The corrupt press will hysterically amplify any strategic Democrat narrative and Trump haters will seize on it to justify their derangement. The question is how many times can Democrats create a massive lie to deceive the public? The answer is repeatedly. They will never stop as long as people keep rewarding their subterfuge by re-electing them. This disinformation war weakens the Republic. But radical Democrats view the destruction of the country as a desired outcome and the rest go along with it just to retain power. The survival of the Republic therefore rests on the ability of enough Americans understand that they are being lied to and to reject the liars. Unless we can resolutely reject being lied to in the upcoming election, our nation is in peril. The future viability of our Republic rides on what happens this November. We must not fail.

  5. Election? What election? There’s either not going to be one, or it’s already rigged. The GOP is MIA, with laughable and empty threats of an “investigation”. Oooooh. The dems act like they know they’re keeping their jobs, and so do the reps. You think the raid is a sign of “red wave” desperation? Wrong. It’s a sign of complete confidence in their status quo and complete contempt for their enemies : the American people.

    1. Agree Wes.
      Dems will not relinquish power.. it has to be taken from them. They will lie, cheat and steal. They have shown they’re capable of anything.
      87,000 New IRS agents have nothing to do with taxes and audits. They are shock troops, brown shirts and gestapo created to put down any reaction to the future Biden pretext for declaring a national emergency or possibly Martial Law. The federal governmemt has ordered excessive amounts of ammunition and probably MP-5s. The dems are NEO-BOLSHEVIKS. Dark days may be on the horizon. A peaceful transfer of power is not in the playbook of the left.
      Time to not be in DENIAL.

      1. Sooooo…. whatcha gonna do about it? If you really believe what you write, you must be:
        A. Stockpiling weapons and joining a local militia like Condi Rice’s family did in the days of Bull Conner
        B. Planning to move somewhere else and applying for the appropriate Visa and liscence to work
        C. Hunkering down where you are and erasing all evidence of conservative political involvement or views to protect yourself and those associated with you.

        If you’re not doing one of these 3, then knock off the rhetoric. We don’t need any more Ohio shooters or Kavanaugh assassins juiced up on apocalyptic steam blowing they read on the internet.

  6. Hi Victor,
    Great listening to you an Sami. Those 87,000 new IRS Agents will not be looking for wealthy elitists because they don’t have “Earned Income” guess who does have “Earned Income” you and I. The Elite are all for this effort, even if they do cross swords with the IRS they have the resources to make it all go away.
    Have a good one,
    Marc B.

  7. EpochTV posted a video yesterday (8/12/2022) about the Mar-a-Lago raid. The theme was Trump wanted to remove the secrecy classification on a number of documents that bear on things like Fast and Furious. One of the EpochTV personalities, Kash Patel, was a Trump aid at that time and he confirmed that the documents were of that nature. Trump ordered the declassification in October, 2020, but the process was slow-walked and had not been completed while Trump was still in office. So Trump kept the documents, and that is what Garland needed to secure in order to prevent disclosure of their contents. The FBI knew exactly where the material was kept. The pawing of Mrs. Trump’s lingerie was just a gentle reminder that things could get worse. Trump should auction the FBI-contaminated items benefitting a suitable charity just to keep the story alive for a few more weeks.

  8. John Manspeaker

    As VDH well knows, “What’s past is prologue.” In its campaign against Donald Trump, the Left has crossed the Rubicon, attacked Pearl Harbor, bombed the World Trade Center, choose your analogy. The American Citizenry has witnessed the wakeup call. If we ignore it, we are lost as a nation. The next three elections are critical in that we must have a legislature that says “No mas!” and starts to hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions.

  9. History demands a personage like Trump. He will stand in the gap like an Alexander, a Gustavus Adolphus, a Churchill, a Davidic King of sorts. Nothing less will do in this ‘earth set afire’ age.

  10. Hello,

    As always, I am thankful Professor Hanson remains a public figure.

    One comment: I relay, for general consumption, the first line of Evelyn Waugh’s novella, *Love Among the Ruins*: “Despite their promises at the last election, the politicians had not yet changed the climate.”

    One question for Professor Hanson: What compels the fascination the Obama and Biden administration has for the despotic government of Iran? I find every explanation impossible, save one. It can’t be in furtherance of the idea of peaceful resolutions for the problems of the most disturbed parts of the planet. It can only be thought that the billions of dollars and complicity in development of nuclear capabilities is intended to enhance the psychotic will to power.

    One request: Please stop referring to the polity of the USA as being “our democracy”. For good reason, it isn’t. It is our republic, and the difference is almost beyond comprehension.

  11. Your interview on tonight’s Mark Levin program was a model of succinctness and clarity, centering on the issues mentioned in your “8 Thoughts…” above.

  12. I have not heard Victor more honest than in this talk. I have read his two most recent books and listened to numerous other podcasts of his. He was even better here. He left his filter at home. Too Good!

  13. Matt is correct, all of the concern from our present government regarding Democracy and Rule of LAW is laughable. OUR Republic is being destroyed from within by many of the presen, Left & Right Establishment Politicians, Bureaucrats, the Deep State, the idiotic left academicians, the Climate alarmist, The never ending “SUE YOU Constantly” Environment Freaks along with all of their LAWYERS. And finally the true “Bottom Feeders” plotting to steal our $$$ (true greed). The words DColluding, greedy, traitors, thieving, unpatriotic, immoral, UNGODLY

    1. FOR SOME REASON, I could not finish my thoughts to complete the paragraph but I’m sure YOU get my point. Many many PRAYERS for OUR Country REPUBLIC. My Best to Everyone.

  14. VDH is the LIgHT. Thank you so much your knowledge, history and insight. You are the BEST.

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