Making Harding Look Good

The Obama administration has tarnished nearly every major federal agency.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online 


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23 thoughts on “Making Harding Look Good”

  1. Mr. Hanson, you are right on target! Imagine that we still have two more years of his non-sense before us!!! All I can say is strapped on and enjoy the ride; the idiotic president is at the helm of spaceship America….

    1. The thought of two more years is sobering but I take some comfort that an additional two years will further educate Americans in what a true race-obsessed, anti-American U.S. politician who falls over himself to implement Muslim-friendly policies looks like. With luck Americans will also get a bellyful of reckless, destructive monetary policy and other clueless economic policies.
      Nothing short of complete disaster will accomplish that, however. American naifs voted for this mysterious daffodil and they deserve to get what they wanted good and hard, even if they blame Bush for the disaster. Which they will.

  2. Proudly Unaffiliated

    So true, an apt comparison. We thought by electing Obama we were getting the black JFK. But instead we got the black Woodrow Wilson, with a heavy dash of Warren G. Harding thrown in.

    1. Proudly,
      I assume that’s an editorial “we”. Those of us who worked hard to be informed prior to voting did not think we were getting “the black JFK”. One only had to look at the people Obama surrounded himself with throughout his life to realize he was not someone who should hold any political office in the U.S.

  3. It’s a common thing in countries dominates by dictators or juntas to choose loyalty over competence in their senior administrators…

  4. Corruption kills. So far it is mostly people in the Third World who have died for the Obama-fostered corruption, but that is likely to change. Am I the only one who thinks that the Director of the Centers for
    Disease Control babbles on like an idiot? How did he get his position???

  5. To imply that Obama has corrupted the organs of the US Government is true but it is still too kind for him. He has a positive malevolence toward the US which is without precedent in US politics. It is seen clearly in regard to disease-infected illegals, and even more so with regard to Ebola. Sending 4000 American troops to West Africa, and then no doubt dispersing them all over the US … diabolical.

    1. 10-4 on that except…
      do you not think its prudent to send someone with at least a slim chance of stopping this outbreak. Our military and the other western nations are the only ones with a chance to stop this. The african countries cant do it and if it isn’t contained there will be a world wide spread of this that we will not avoid. remember that each new person this infects has the potential to mutate the virus into an airborne strain :-O at that point can you say zombie apocalypse.
      Its the only good decision with any backbone or leadership that this president has ever made..
      thats all im saying 🙂

  6. Hillary Clinton will most likely run and win as long as she says the right things. “I’ll bring competentency, real transparency and honesty back to government”…etc. Too many people on the government tit now so don’t expect anything to change except in congress. We will slow the trajectory of growth and intrusiveness but won’t reverse or change course. Boehner isn’t Newt so I’m not sure how effective the Republican Congress under Hillary will be in stopping her liberal agenda. She’ll say she can fix Obamacare by turning it into Hillarycare and people will buy into it. Ofcourse the media will be her biggest supporter and cheerleader. First black president then the first woman pres to make sure things get fixed. She’ll get the black vote, the corporate crony vote, the hispanic vote and a good deal of the ridiculous independent vote. Too many entitlements being offered and not enough good reasons to abstain from them.

  7. the majority of Obama scandals may never be exposed. he should really resign before a republican house and senate are seated in 2015. each day only brings more of his abject stupidity ,corruption and greed. he has besmirched our veterans-destroyed our medical system and made us the laughing stock of the civilized world. his flooding the usa with diseased children bringing diseases for which American children have no immunity means American children will suffer and die. one school now has 21 Spanish dialects to deal with. God—when will the purgatory of the American people end?

  8. Considering Obama’s uncanny ability to appoint high ranking positions to persons capable of such outstanding buffoonery, it seems appropriate to question the true value of his Ivy League education.

  9. It’s a good column, but there will prove to be some benefits to Obama’s tenure. For one, as Mr Hanson notes, he has discredited the idea of an overarching Federal government. Now, with DC in a stalemate, we are seeing power shift back to the states. Depending on the state you are in that can be a mixed blessing. As Mr Hanson has written before, it’s tough to be working class or a Central Valley resident in CA, but perhaps better in TX or UT. Your state’s policies may have more impact on your prospects now than do the Federal government’s. There are two more years to be endured, but any domestic agenda he may have is fortunately stalled. His judgment is remarkably poor so we’ll probably see more screw ups. Much of the country, and much of the western world, lost their collective heads over this clown, but he is survivable, and I suppose enough of us brought this on ourselves. Unfortunately, the Republicans, whom I prefer, can also be pretty cringe worthy.

    1. Has he discredited the idea of big federal government? 🙂
      Im not too sure the masses are getting that from our current situation, only those that are paying attention…and if that were the case how was mr obama elected to a second term. :-/
      My prediction… hillary is our next president or worse and she will win on keeping “free” healthcare and social issues just like always.

  10. I’ve read this litany before. It’s important to talk about, but I was hoping from the title that I’d read more about Harding.

  11. Well said (as usual), but….. The majority does not care. They have their booze and entertainment (mindless TV, meaningless sporting events, etc.) and what happens in Washington simply isn’t on the radar. Apathy + greed = Obama and Hillary (to follow)…

  12. There is no hope. The nation is, at best, two generations from assured calamity and likely less with millions expected to receive amnesty by years end. My children will likely see the beginnings of civil unrest and their children will likely have to live through it. The abundance of scandals and ineptitude has not brought any serious threat of change to our political arena, let alone an impeachment of a clearly overmatched president. Republicans are only barely holding a thread of hope to tip the scales of power in the Senate and Mr Obama is half way through his second term. Democracy is it’s own worst enemy. Giving equal voice through voting to those who do not produce equally is madness and it will not change without a deadly, protracted struggle.

  13. Beautiful summary, too bad it’s at our expense.
    With every level of government corrupted to this point, how can this be fixed without completely removing the current system and starting over? Even if the leadership of these agencies are throne sniffing puppets their subordinates also followed along and so on down the chain?? Can we change the systemic institutionalized “big” government without really making it a much smaller government? I say no.
    I would love to hear your take on the “Fire Tax” extortion racket that we rural folks are suffering.

  14. Everything you say is true! Unfortunately, there are fluff-minded idiots out there like Gwyneth Paltrow who would like to see Obama with unlimited powers. That’s frightening!

  15. VDH is on target as with many of his writing’s. I think we all know 0bama and his creation’s would not be if it were not for all the help he has received AND also pushed 0bama on to America, the powerful have always steered this country, what’s changed is they have become one and now control this county thru propaganda or outright force.

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