Makers and Breakers: California, Churchill, and Biden’s Buddies

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they talk about California living and leaving, a world and war without Churchill, and in absentia due to dementia, who is running the Biden administration.

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7 thoughts on “Makers and Breakers: California, Churchill, and Biden's Buddies”

  1. I have some thoughts on the war of words segment. The best defense is a good offense. Since most of what the left says is provably false, hit back with facts and data. There is always the nuclear option as well, remind them that they have no moral high ground to lecture you on anything since they are the party that supports child sacrifice (partial birth abortion) and genital mutilation of children (gender affirming care).

  2. John the Econ

    I do miss the beaches. I miss the bike riding. I miss friends and the amazing geography and the lifestyle I enjoyed into the ’90s. On any given weekend I could go to the beach, go sailing, hiking, camping, skiing, etc. But I don’t regret leaving for a minute.

    The state I now live in got discovered during COVID, and real estate went nuts. When local Progressives say they need to fix this, I tell them they can’t. They don’t understand that to an CA escapee, $400k for a 3br 2ba house here with a view looks like a steal compared to paying $3k to rent a mediocre 1000 ft apartment. Gas is 1/2. Electricity is 1/3rd and doesn’t get cut off regularly. Taxes are a fraction. Crime? Nothing compared to SF or LA.

    30+ years ago when I’d point out to people in academia that chasing out the middle class who created most of the better jobs and paid the bulk of the taxes and replacing them with low-to-no skill people from the south who’d be making far greater demands upon the social services infrastructure, I was called a racist.

    1. Craig Jenkins

      You nailed it! The middle class pays most of the taxes. A healthy society has a large middle clase beholden to no one, that doesn’t care about the upper class and wants the lower class off welfare.

  3. Robert Stewart

    Jack would be advised to change “of the Bronx” to “from the Bronx.” It is hard to imagine that anyone with a knowledge of the American experiment would tolerate the corruption that now dominates life in NYC and NY. It’s one thing to be terrorized by thugs in the subway, it is another to have to deal with a politicized legal system that routinely ignores constitutional protections from ex post facto prosecutions and excessive fines and terms of confinement coupled with bills of attainder.

    Also, regarding schools for your children, it is essential they you understand that children are developing new skills and abilities at a fantastic rate. They are not the ammunition that you want to expend trying to overturn a union dominated catastrophe. We found some very small and very good schools for our kids in the K-7 years, and then transferred them into the Catholic system for their middle and high school years, while our neighbors subjected their kids to the indoctrination provided by the Seattle Public schools. A number of the parents we got to know had experience with the public schools with their first batch of kids but determined that a later flock would not see their youth squandered on the nonsense that Seattle dispensed.

  4. Victor missed the mark in his response to the last question. The questioner (Rick?) stated as a given that Biden is an empty vessel driven by people and forces hidden and ill defined. Victor’s answer seemed merely redundant. The question was how to encapsulate and personify this brew into a language and terminology similar but counter to the term MAGA as used by the Left.

  5. Good morning Victor,
    Any chance you may have some insight into the firing last December 29th
    of Colonel Christopher Meeker who was the Commander of the Wright
    Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio.
    The decision was made by Lt. General Donna Shipton and was attributed to
    “a loss of confidence in Meeker’s ability to lead” No further information has been
    provided by any news organization. My speculation is that there is some {DEI}
    “Division + Exclusion = Insanity” rational behind his dismissal. All indications
    from personnel at Wright Patterson described the Colonel as an extremely
    competent and forthright individual. Any information you can provide regarding
    this incident would be greatly appreciated. Based upon similar dismissals at
    other military installations across the country, this appears to be a consistent
    trend that continues when “DEI” is implemented into the command structure.

    Thank you!
    Deeply appreciate all you do for our country!
    Dave Stahr

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