Looking for the Next President

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about Haley still in the race, congressman Bowman once encouraged students to admire criminal icons, the Bronx residents want to meet Trump, the economy is a disaster, the anything-but-Biden crowd, and Dartmouth’s return to S.A.T. scores for admissions.

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7 thoughts on “Looking for the Next President”

  1. Brown University also returned to using SATs for admissions. They found that a.) students with good SAT scores are better able to handle the course load and b.) SATs are a good indicator of students being sucessful in their chosen fields upon graduation.

    1. Craig, I think they really knew this all along. They were just bending to political pressure. Shame, shame on them.

      1. You’re right, but these elite academic institutions have been engaged in social engineering since the 60s. They overcharge for tuition, room & board to subsidize minority applicants. They do little to tutor these students who then become radicalized through some student organization, and then have to figure out how to give them passing grades to graduate. Good intentions, bad results.

  2. VDH and Jack,

    I am still laughing with you about the Thurston Howell impression. Your knowledge and insight on events is outstanding, but I greatly appreciate the personal interaction too. Listening is like visiting old friends around the kitchen table or den. You fill a void. PS. Equally for Sami Winc.

  3. The hatred of the white working class by the white suburban educated elites, was made clear to me, on the day after Trump’s unexpected 2016 victory. The day after that election, a Sr. attorney at the public agency in my Northern California office was consoling younger attorneys, and said, “Well, at the end of the day, these Trump voters will go home to their same shitty lives, with their same shitty houses, and their same shitty wives.” These attorneys, on the public payroll, were told they could take the day off to “grieve”, for their “mental health” by management.

    Yes, I think VDH nails it: the lack of God, the absence of physical work, and the fear/hatred of men who do muscular labor drives this hatred of their working class brothers.

    I would add that although the elites can romanticize the Hispanic immigrant (and use them as servants and cheap labor), and the African American (their special civil rights project), they have a particular disdain for the white working class man, as they see him as their ancestors who they are never want to become.

    I think the attack on masculinity is particularly virulent, because they fear, envy the man who can work with his hands, so better to denigrate traditional masculinity in all it’s forms as toxic.

    1. Interesting commentary…which might help explain the eunuchs on TV & elsewhere in our society. These are not traditional men that would die defending their territory, women & children. These are office workers, often lacking in physicality, having to figure out how to get along with each other with the influx of women in the workplace. In my experience, the women tend to obsess over minutia and make poor leaders, while the men just seem to go along with the script to keep their jobs. We are no longer a “can do” nation, unless this populist uprising continues & yields results.

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