Locking Horns In Politics

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine the new crudity in politics, Kim Jong-Un on the WHO board, Chris Christie entering the race, the DC swamp, teacher’ unions, Bud Light’s new angling, and student loan forgiveness.

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11 thoughts on “Locking Horns In Politics”

  1. Christie was Trump, before Trump. He turned out to be a fraud. What a freakin’ disappointment. One of the reasons I love Trump. It took a long time, after countless fakes, before the real deal showed up. You are an idiot if you think a real deal shows up every 8 years.

  2. When I think of Chris Christie, the infamous and rather unseemly beach photo comes to mind recalling William H. Taft in all his rotund splendor. Uh, no. And clearly no. Fat-shaming aside, candid photos of political candidates speak volumes. Another bullying, ego-driven, anti -Trump candidate that the Neo-Cons, Lincoln Project, and the Jonah Goldberg types and stick their teeth into; an obnoxious, virtual spoiler designed to pull primary voters away from Trump and DeSantis. The unimpressive Christie, is not what conservatives need or the Republican Party right now, or ever.

  3. Kenneth Pizzi

    When one thinks of Chris Christie, the infamous beach photo comes to mind recalling the late, William Howard Taft with a waistline comparable to the circumference of the Capitol Rotunda. Physical appearance of our candidates does matter, even today, fat-shaming aside in our “accept everything” culture. But Christie is more than that. His bullying, manner especially in the primary debates, as Victor explained, is raw meat for the anti-Trump, Lincoln Project, Jonah Goldberg Neo-Con types who are more interested in taking the all but evaporated moral high ground in American politics than actually winning elections. Christie is in the game to sway those primary voters away from Trump and DeSantis, the only real players here.

  4. thebaron@enter.net

    Publicly uttered profanity from politicians isn’t new; it reflects the general coarsening of society that has been underway since the 60s. Perhaps the level to which discourse has sunk is new. But for a politician to use F-bombs in public didn’t start with the example you discuss. LA’s mayor cursed like that at a rally a couple of years ago. Prager’s dealt with this topic for years, too.

    It’s interesting to consider how prescient Kurt Vonnegut was in his 1972 short story, “The Big Space F**k”. Among other conditions in his dystopic America (of 1979), profanity had become so widespread, so common, that it had lost its meaning, its power. We reached that point long ago.

      1. Ubiquitous and catchy from the Carolinians to Texas. It’s a standard part of Southern American Standard Dialect like “you guys” in the North East. It comes from the fact that English lost it’s informal “you” (thee) in the 17th century and the formal/plural has had to do the work ever since. Bad Uictor! Sociolinguistics fail! And to think of all the times I’ve defended his California flippancy on linguistic grounds! Btw. Anyone catch the swipe on Megyn Kelly’s F-bombs? I thought Miss Golden-Hair-Lacy-Black-Slip could do no wrong with our two boys on the Podcast…

  5. Richard Borgquist

    Governor Newsom has ONE thing right by appointing Steve Gordon Director of the DMV in July 2019. He has spent most of his career leading various global services businesses at Cisco Systems
    My recent experiences at the Broadway DMV Office in Sacramento have been great – unlike the past. One friend was impressed as well – another freind was happy too at another DMV office.
    Q: When did State Employees vote for Collective Bargaining?
    A: There was NO Election.

    State Employees would have voted against Collective Bargaining.
    This was common knowledge.
    Collective Bargaining was installed by Jerry Brown, Gray Davis
    and the Legislature; known as Ralph C. Dills Act of 1977.

    Also known is State Employees don’t contribute to political campaigns but Unions do.
    Or buy Ads from the Sacramento Bee.

    Before Collective Bargaining, personnel matters were handled by the
    State Personnel Board [SPB] which was independent
    and the relationship between State Employees, the Governor(s) & Legislature
    was paternalistic [Friendly].

    After Collective Bargaining, the Department of Personnel Administration [DPA]
    handled personnel matters. DPA is part of the administration [Political]
    and the former paternalistic relationship has become adversary [like the legal system].

  6. Dr. Hanson ..

    Just back from yet another tremendous week at a Hillsdale hostel with our batteries charged .. soon to join your online course focused upon THE SECOND WORLD WARS ..

    we attended the CCA on military leadership in years past & spoke with you briefly .. marvelous stuff

    Your candor & honesty with regard to the quagmire festering on university campuses specifically related to pampered faculty rings so true to my tenure over twenty years, during which I normally taught 18-21 credit hours .. thoroughly enjoyed time with students .. retired from full time in 2019 and missed the descent into the waymazing woke meltdown

    KEEP ON, KEEPIN ON kind sir …. cautiously optimistic this thunderous overreach will bring about the left’s demise in our time …

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