Living Out Critical Legal Theory

by Victor Davis Hanson // NRO- The Corner


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7 thoughts on “Living Out Critical Legal Theory”

  1. I realize that “three forces whose vector sum is zero” has less euphony than “three diametrically opposed forces”, but it does have the virtue of not being a physical absurdity.

  2. Temperatures in the 90’s and muggy for days on end.

    Not a single soul there has the capability to think rationally,
    nerves on edge just from lack of adequate rest, let alone from the civil unrest, caused by some present.

    Any little thing an irritant: easier to light emotions with inflamed speech.

    Law Enforcement might do better to bring out water cannons to cool down the protesters,
    and open the fire hydrants to cool down the streets. And that was a wonderful idea to have the protesters required to keep moving on Monday…good exercise walking…it can help relieve stress.

  3. When a regime proves fast and loose with accepted protocols of civility, it is necessary to cloak its various trespasses beneath an intricately woven balderdash of theoretical jurisprudence. So the cohorts of American Low Information Voters (ALIV) feel comfortable in their dyslexic stupor. A false sense of security for sure, but a form of security nevertheless.

    The breakdown in national sanity first manifested itself when Pres. Obama was first elected. It got forged and tempered, jaded and laminated on his re-election. You saw the country willingly get transformed into a nation of castrati. Americans need to recapture their gonads instead of being content on their gelded state of submissive eunuchs.

  4. Militarization of police-I don’t agree with the popular meme that cops are too military in dress and equipment. As long as their tactics are appropriate, that is irrelevant. Today’s criminals are too ready to attack cops, and a riot situation in particular is more likely to involve such risks.
    Riot control is less dangerous if the cops have more protective equipment and are situated so that they protect business and residences without intentionally confronting crowds who aren’t acting dangerous. Once dangerous activity starts, overwhelming yet professional force is the safest approach for both police and rioters.
    The cop who is on tape threatening to shot a rioter deviated from training. Most cops didn’t do this, and that is a testimony to good training and discipline. I have a slight amount of riot control experience in the Navy, and I speak from both experience and clear historical record.

  5. I had assumed, the death of the “Gentle Giant”, like the Trayvon “crisis” before, the narrative of “…unarmed Black men being shot in cold blood by ‘racists’…” was simply a means to turn out the black vote. The racist narrative as the cause of all Black failure has been spectacularly successful for the DEMS, even though DEM policies are primarily responsible.

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