Listeners Ask Questions: Part 1

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Jack Fowler address listeners’ questions on universities, airlines, and civil war.

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17 thoughts on “Listeners Ask Questions: Part 1”

  1. I’m stunned to learn VDHs favorite music is the same as mine. From Clint Black my entrance to modern country music of the 90s before it got pop-if-ied to classical music and opera & musicals from my HS days,
    Most all of your songs could be heard at a Nantucket Bar Karoke night where Dixie Down, Baez, at all were very popular in the 2000s among the aging hippies.
    It shouldn’t surprise me as part of my attraction to VDHs talks and articles were kindred spirts to my own thoughts and beliefs.
    I was amazed that I was not the only conservative left in California.
    This was an excellent podcast a nice change of pace. Thank you Jack for picking that question. You always manage to find to the perfect probing question to ask. Ones that broaden the understanding we receive from VDHs vast reservoir of knowledge.
    You are my favorite host of the Victor Davis Hanson show.

    Knightsen California

  2. Studente loan forgiveness – US governemnt hands out massive amount of financial aids each and every year. Why can’t some of the students from the middle class get some of that? Frankly, the government wasteful spending had gone on for so long. This is probably one of its better hand-out program.

    Civil War – There was one. Only one side fought, and they had already won. Nevertheless, Americans were pioneers, settlers, immigrants, and refugees, with the urge for freedom burns eternally in each of our hearts. Go to church with your family, worship God, work hard, study hard, help your neighbors, volunteer in your community, and get ready for our country to be restored. If each of us do that, it will be. The same misguided elites of today will say they are conservative and take credit for the restoration of a greater America, and that is just fine with us.

  3. On college and degrees I can tell you my story.After h.s.I worked with my older brother doing wet bed tile bathrooms.this was before wonder board came into exitence It was grueling work,smashing out old tubs and tile walls and floors.Mixing mud and carrying it up steps in five gallon buckets and then leveling walls with ferring strips to establish perfect level in order to put up neww tile.Hard work indeed.After 8 yrs.I decided to go to night school for a nursing degree,not because the work wasnt satisfying with good pay but Iwould see older tile guys at stores getting supplies who were breaking down physically in only there 40s.I went 3 hrs. a night after work and did clinical on sat.This was at my community college.I got a job at Temple univ.hosp.where I found most r.ns.had BSN.degrees I n many cases they were not very good at many things I had learned in a rigorous A.D. program.Ironically,for many years now you NEED a BSN to get a job at any hospital.ABSURD

    1. Interesting commentary, sir. IMHO, it has been my experience that experience really is the best education. How do we become experienced? Assumption of personal responsibility. Unfortunately in my last career, no supervisor had any experience. They thought that adding several letters to the end of their name made up for their lack of experience. The results were disastrous. God bless, and have a nice day, from So Cali.

  4. I’m loving the passion around the music question! Not completely unexpected, but a very pleasant surprise. (And the taste as well, huge Band fan here). Not a bit surprised to hear what a great guy Clint Black is, always suspected it. But again, surprised that he and Victor are such good friends. I knew we were off to a good start as soon as he said “The Weight” 😉

  5. Roy Orbison: You Got It
    As far as the “Civil War” goes, do a Sherman, march to the sea. You don’t have to actually burn down any buildings but burn down the money. Burn down the money that funds the yapping Pomeranian’s (Politicians); how do you do that, don’t patronize those business’s. What’s the number one thing that kills business; outside of poor planning, declining revenues. You want a treat, you want a treat, speak speak; Pomeranian/Politician “Climate Change, Climate Change” there you go, good dog. Get rid of the treat, get rid of the Woke.

  6. The music discussion was a great change of pace. Many of my favorites were mentioned. But what about The Weavers? They created amazing harmony and had great songs.

  7. Hello Mr. Hansen.
    I saw your commentary on Fox News a few nights ago and I agreed with a lot that you talked about. You basically inferred that Joseph McCarthy was a fascist. Without arguing or disagreeing with you I want to refer you to a great book on the topic. Blacklisted By History, The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy. (Author M. Stanton Evans). Perhaps after you read the book you will be inclined to appologize for slandering Mr. McCarthy. This isn’t a criticism as I’m well aware of the reputation he has but I think (as does the author of the book) that Mr. McCarthy doesn’t deserve to be called a fascist. As it turns out, I think there WERE many communists infiltrating our country and we are now seeing the fruits of their labor. Thank you for listening and I would LOVE to hear back from you because I agree with 99% of what you say.

    1. Thank you Team, recommend America’s Retreat from Victory The Story of GEORGE CATLETT MARSHALL by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy 1951 (1952 THE DEVIN-ADAIR COMPANY New York) then continue discussing. Very Respectfully, G

  8. Can you print a transcript of these video interviews? What great thoughts and words.
    Our country is being destroyed by the left, It is sick and wrong.

  9. Barbara Humphreys

    I believe that the claim that lifetime earnings of those with college degrees to those without uses those with only high school diplomas as the counter example. The claim evaporates when the counter example is a person with a certification in a trade such as plumber, electrician, or mechanic or certifications such as those offered by Google in programming. Folks have begun to figure this out, which may account for some of the drop in university students. Also, the appalling behavior of universities during the pandemic did not help their cause in attracting students. The recent political payoff to some indebted university students by the Biden administration is like squirting lighter fluid on a hot grill. Recruiting has become a major challenge in lower tier colleges and faculty are scared. Will anything change? If history is any guide, I doubt it. Will this be a good thing? Does US business really need a pile of WOKE and unemployed professors from broke colleges as employees? Definitely not; it’s apparently bad enough having to deal with their WOKE graduates.

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