15 thoughts on “Lies and Liars”

  1. Trump can’t open his mouth without being called a liar before, during and after.

    He made so much sense on every single issue. If he doesn’t make it back to the presidency is America’s loss.

    1. Captain Nathan

      Absolutely, spot on!

      And the pathetic reality in all this is that the wacky leftists can’t see the blatantly obvious facts of Trump’s successful term when we’re living the exact opposite under the Obama/Biden third term.

      God help us.

  2. The world is so upside-down, I think I’ll start walking on my hands for a clearer view.

    Thanks to you both for lifting up values with lucid and edifying anecdotal accounts.

    1. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,
      who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
      who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
      Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
      and shrewd in their own sight!
      Isaiah 5: 20, 21

  3. Michael Shade

    The extreme left has one strategy, to subvert values. I love that poem, and shame. Instead of shame for our burning cities were suppose to feel white guilt, instead of shame for being in debt it’s guilt for social services, instead of pride you can carry the same weapons as your government is now a patriarchal threat to safety. And like the poem their lashing out now destroying their temple of god, their communities, their country but they’ll soon feel shame, as we who have observed already do.

  4. thebaron@enter.net

    I liked your discussion of shame culture, Professor Hanson, and you made a remark that the Sixties people would say that that’s what they rebelled against. And I’d tell them, they are the ones who broke us. We Boomers, we did it.

    We thought we were just so much smarter than our parents, and everyone who came before. But we weren’t, and we’re not. We were just that much more childish, selfish, narcissistic.

    We pulled on the thread and set the sweater to unraveling. And as smart as we think we are, we still don’t see it.

    We’re as smart as Elmer Fudd, sawing through the branch he’s sitting on. And as we fall, we ask, “How? How did this happen? We’re so smart, it can’t happen.” All the way to the ground.

    As a post-script, I’ll add that I was born in 1964, and sometimes I claim membership in Gen-X. I’d rather be counted among them, than among the Baby Boomers.

    1. thebaron@enter.net

      I think your fear about Japan is unfounded. I don’t think a rearmed Japan is going to attempt to reestablish the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. It’s a different country today, and a different situation.

      In the last 2 decades of the 19th century, and the first 3 decades of the 20th, Japan was a first-rate power surrounded by second- or third-rate powers. She saw herself as equivalent to or superior to the leading European powers, and set out to carve out her own empire in East Asia.

      I don’t think today’s Japan has the capability to or even wants to establish a hegemony over Korea, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the rest of her neighbors.

      Rather, she sees herself now threatened by the largest of her neighbors, China, with whom Japan has had a love-hate relationship since the Middle Ages. China dominated Japan; the Chinese considered the Japanese uncouth barbarians, who owed them tribute and homage. Until Japan was opened to the West and saw that she needed to adopt Western technology or be colonized.
      The Japanese are again threatened by China, and the protection offered by alliance with the US, problematic when we were strong and responsibly led, is now even more problematic with incompetent overgrown adolescent ideologues running the country. Japan has to look to her own defenses, and cooperation with the rest of her neighbors who are also threatened by China.

      There’s no new Bataan Death March coming down the pike.

      1. I hear Phil’s chills, and it’s important to remember that other Asian countries feel them too, but The Baron’s answer is solid and speaks to the reality of the situation.

  5. Jorge Chirinos

    No President in the history of this great nation has done what President Trump did in 2 yrs . !!!

  6. Ray BonGiorni

    Education is not only inadequate, it is errant and debilitating. We witness that today’s educated are devoid of human understanding and are incapable of objectivity: they cast a side hard won freedoms and slander (ad hominem) opposing viewpoints. Said capabilities are acquired/demanded by classical study–as it concerns the genesis human achievement–and its follow-on, history (the origins generally being more interesting). This is why, beyond his considerable capabilities, Victor shines in this dark era.

    In the ’60s the humanities were virtually eliminated, as being impractical, and replaced by “what’s happenin’ now,” today-forward-thinking sociological areas such as community organization, etc. Going forward, it was not so much that the commie bastards took over the curriculum as it was, without the humanities permeating the curriculum, students no longer had the intellectual shields of genuine human understanding and objectivity to protect themselves. They instead were taught, history began today; nothing happen before; only what you experience now and how you interpret it matters. So goes the informed citizenry a free nation is contingent upon. We need to protect our children from college.

  7. The rise of the transgender movement in America from 20/100,000 to 5,000/100,000 follows the pattern of moral degeneration found in Romans 1:18-32 due to suppressing the knowledge of God. Man’s ability to reason has become increasingly impaired and his character progressively evil. As a nation, we have experienced a sexual revolution, a homosexual revolution and now a trans-sexual revolution all since the 1960’s. Although these sins have always existed, the cumulative effect of individuals has made it a cultural phenomenon.

  8. Ray Bongiorni

    [Peter, I recognize you were drawing parallels and not demanding a change of heart.] Regardless of the truth Christians see in Romans, they can not impose their belief system on other Americans. The trouble comes when others, asymmetrically, impose their belief systems on other Americans. Remember, in the real world, morality–and apparently the law–is effectively whatever you can get away with; and the other side is shameless in this regard. Informed consent is a legal pillar of medicine. In the case of trangendering, there are advocates who demand that, minors–who are incapable of informed consent given their status as minors–receive procedures without any parental knowledge. Even in plain humanistic terms, this is simply unjustifiable and wrong.

    1. Thanks for your response. The parallels of American society to biblical scripture are there for all to see and study. It is startling to see how a book written nearly two thousand years ago speaks to contemporary society as if it was written today. So just as Victor seeks to explain current events by looking at man’s actions in the past, so I have offered the Bible to help us understand man’s actions today.

      Americans have always utilized their beliefs including their religious beliefs to formulate law and custom. It is one of the great attributes of our country that men are entitled to their beliefs and permitted to share them with others including with those who disagree. America has been a pluralistic and tolerant nation which through interaction has sharpened its citizens. If the Bible offers insight into morality, man’s nature and behavior, then it seems prudent to take it into account.

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