Liberalism in Ruins

Obama’s hubristic promises have been followed by a total discrediting of his ideology.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online

By Elizabeth Cromwell
By Elizabeth Cromwell


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11 thoughts on “Liberalism in Ruins”

  1. While it’s fairly obvious and demonstrable Obama is the worst president modern history, nearly 40% polled approve the of job Obama’s doing. Perhaps you could address that in the future Mr Hanson.

    1. Proudly Unaffiliated

      Yes, indeed. This consistent 40% approval is very baffling. It seems to be a floor that is basically impossible for Obama to break through no matter what he says or does.

  2. Mercifully, the quality of political leadership isn’t always the reflection of an electorate’s wisdom. In this particular case, hope springs eternal………….again.

    1. When all the electorate’s choices are bad, it’s not really fair to blame the electorate for electing someone bad.

      In many ways extreme Progressivism is kept afloat by extreme Conservatism is kept afloat by extreme Progressivism…

      The two ideologies enable each other to continue along their respective self-destructive (and country-destructive) paths.

  3. I thank you Mr. Hanson for your excellent dissertation, on how Mr. Obama activities are actually sowing the seeds that will eventually undermine entirely the progressive-liberal movement. Let’s hope to God that, that is what happens, this would be good for the future of our beloved country!

    Unfortunately, the progressive-liberal movement is like HIV, there are many that will be carriers of this broken ideology, and will try resurrecting itself again in some other misguided person in the future who will incarnate him/her-self as Obama again. We need to find a way to fully discredit and destroy this type of thinking to the many Americans who often refuses to take the time to read and think about the ills of progressiviism. The great challenge for us is figuring out how we can reach these people, only then can we finally be rid of the progressive-liberal carriers once and for all.

    I for one believe, that anyone who engages in serious thinking about the scientific structures of nature, historical events and biblical admonitions will definitely realize how bankrupt and evil the progressive-liberal cause really is.

  4. Proudly Unaffiliated

    A truly excellent summary of the nightmare of Obama. One further thought on global warming: it seems to tap into something in much of human nature, a willingness and maybe even a desire to believe that the end of the world is now or very soon. Perhaps many unknowingly and without studying any facts whatsoever are structurally inclined to believe any Al Gore that stands up and sounds convincing enough in their warnings of The End. Could it be that because we as individuals are so fragile and finite that so many permit themselves to believe a slick snake oil salesman with this age-old message?

  5. One of the more bizarre aspects of this whole disaster is that many people still worship at the altar of global warming/climate change even though reality has completely discredited the high priests and tenets of that religion. Thank God that great Americans have found a way to work around the powerful “green” mafia to get us gas under 3 bucks a gallon again. Given time maybe under 2 bucks?
    Liberalism is a mental disease and I think and hope that America is ready for a full frontal lobotomy. After the Bamster retires to Hawaii, America can be unleashed again to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  6. Excellent column, as usual, VDH. You’re a little too liberal with the adjective “brilliant”, though, for my taste. Obama isn’t as brilliant as he thinks — who could be? Instead, he has an eager audience of sycophants anxious to prove their “post-racial” and progressive bona fides. You’d think by now that at least some of them would realize that they bought a pig in a poke, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to CNN (as I am forced to at my gym.)

  7. Long, long ago in another time and place the high priests told the people that if they did not let the priests cut their hearts out and eat their flesh the sun would not shine and the rain would not fall. There would be catastrophic climate change and chaos. So the people allowed the priests their hearts and flesh while they hoped for change. And so it was until a man arrived who told the people what the priests said was a crock of it. His name was Hernan. He led a campaign of hope and change. He convinced a group of people named the Tlaxcalans that climate change was a lie. They joined forces with him and destroyed the priests. And the sun continued to shine and the rain fell and the crops grew. And there was no climate change and the tummies were full. And so it was, in the year of Our Lord, 1520. Those who do not learn from history doom themselves to repeat it.

    High Priests by Owlan Gore, political change by Hernan Cortes, hope by the Tlaxcalans and true story by Dave.

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