Liberal Liabilities, Conservative Assets

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they talk about Kamala’s career, Tucker’s firing, Hunter’s daughter, Supreme Court leaks, and the late John Raisian.

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15 thoughts on “Liberal Liabilities, Conservative Assets”

  1. Once again it was a pleasure listening to vdh’s world view.
    Having listened and learned from him over the last several years I am frustrated by the trend of commentaries such as himself in not naming names.
    When Chuck Schumer attacked the supreme court and Maxine waters urged people to harass and threaten Republicans and Steve scalise was shot itt was mitch McConnell who did nothing. It was Paul Ryan who did nothing. It was Trump who did nothing. It was Kevin Mccarthy who did nothing!. What’s worse they called for civility and attacked they’re own base.
    I believe that enough voters look at the national gop and say to themselves my god these people won’t even protect themselves! Why should I vote for them, they sure as hell are not going to protect me!
    At the local level in Florida, Tennessee, Montana it’s different. There the Republicans rule in the majority.

    1. Good and appropriate points.
      Therein lies the problem in a society that allows, encourages every single eligible (and even the ineligible) member to vote regardless of level of preparation. Many inner-city dwellers are really not prepared for the responsibility, and many, perhaps most, foreigners crossing what used to be our southern border do not even read or write basic language so they are not prepared to vote. Maybe a “kind and empathetic” monarch would be an improvement.

  2. The ANSWER to Harris conundrum is right in your podcast. She is the child of a Marxist professor raised in the center of leftist politics and she is pandering to ignorant blacks others with the 500 word vocabulary and cadence.

    1. Listening to her, it is difficult to not chuckle.
      How could ever she have earned that law degree?
      Her college must have been credentialed like AOC’s Boston U.

  3. Irish people have a history of incest and everything the Bidens have. Very American Irish- Bono just found out that his cousin is his half brother? Weird things happen in Irish families- thank you

    1. Uh, no. 1. The Irish are mostly culturally Catholic and have strong incest taboos. 2. Marrying your cousin is equally an English thing and not incest. 3. I assume you’re at least a little Irish? Don’t spread racist stereotypes that have hurt us in the past! We aren’t monkeys or drunks or pathologically violent or superstitious or incestuous or 5th columnists for the Pope. We suffered the worst of English colonialism as their “trial colony” and beat it!

      1. Thank you for setting me straight- and I will just forget everything that my Irish side of the family has done. We will just sweep it under the rug.
        Thank you

        1. Irish or Scotch-Irish? Maybe we’re talking past each other as those are different cultures.

          Both Irish sides of my family produced alcoholics, but that doesn’t mean Irish are drunkards. It just means that poverty and dislocation breed misery.

  4. Irish people have a history of incest and everything the Biden family has. Very American Irish- Bono just found out that his cousin is his half brother? – Just an insight -can not explain the connection and Rebel nature that is in the Irish? thank you

    1. Thomas O'Brien

      If you read some Irish history, I think you will get some inkling as to where the “rebel nature” of the Irish comes from. Things such as the “Norman Invasion” of the 12th century, King Henry VIII attempts to take over the Catholic Church as he did in England , or the very nasty Penal Laws of the 18th century.

      As for incest in Ireland, sure there is some of that. Ever visit the Appalachians? I hear it is there, too. Ireland consists of a few million people on an island the size of Indiana and with about the same population.

      Sometime Victor may address in one of his podcasts the role of the Irish monasteries in preserving acquired knowledge when continental Europe was overrun with Germanic tribes after the fall of the Roman Empire. And then how they reintroduced this knowledge to Europe through its missionaries generations later.

    2. Thomas O'Brien

      It would be a big, big mistake to attribute any creepy misbehavior in Joe Biden’s familial interactions with his “Irishness”. Joe is an opportunistic phony. He proudly calls himself Irish only because he thinks there is a political advantage in doing so. I would be if asked, he could not tell someone the number of counties in the Republic of Ireland.

      Likewise for his claims as a devout Catholic. Just as Pelosi, they both only try to use their religion for political gain. One can not be a devout Catholic, as they both claim, and not adhere to one of Catholicism’s most basic tenets — the sanctity of the unborn child. Who amongst us is more vulnerable?

      1. Thank you for setting me straight- and I will just forget everything that my Irish side of the family has done. We will just sweep it under the rug.
        Thank you You sound like my mother- love Irish women !

        1. Thomas O'Brien

          I don’t know where your Irish roots take hold. If it is Northern Ireland and protestant, then you are no more Irish descent than most of us in the U.S. are native American. And that is just fine with them, as they see themselves proudly as British.

          This all goes back to the very early 17th century when King James I started plantations in what is today Northern Ireland. He populated these (“planted”) with unruly lowland Scots that were intended to keep the rebellious Irish in check.

          It was a little like Mexico giving very cheap land to Americans in what later became Texas. Mexico wanted them there to serve as a buffer between its more southern populations and the raiding Comanches to the north.

          With all due respect I believe you were unfairly generalizing when you spoke of incest.

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